Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recovery Time...

A Surrealistic Sun
I hadn't realized just how draining it is to spend time in a place where you know every word uttered (well, posted) is to the intent of corrupting someone's judgment, perverting their vision, compromising their soul. It's been a while since I kept the company of those called right wing conservative. They are still such repulsive creatures, toxic and tainted. Nowhere nowhen nohow have I ever met anything to compare to the Ugly American Conservative for draining away all joy in life, all inspiration and creative energy. Six months playing tag with Agent Smith on Farcebook and then two months dealing with the contard assholes Farcebook's personality profiler's finally concluded was me (faked them right out!) and the reserves are running a bit low. I be a weary boy, soul deep weary.

So... I bought me a brand new Missouri Meerschaum (lol... aka, classic corncob) pipe, the best Cavendish tobacco to be had in a factory sealed bag, some new charcoal pencils and a super cool and groovy new easel box to carry all the drawing stuff down to the park or the coffee shop or the pub... and I be plotting a bit of a vacation. There's picture's to be painted and music to be found and the old VW is still a job underway (good lord there's a LOT of tin to scrub and paint on one of those engines!) and... yea, it's summertime.

My final words for the contards of Intellectual Takeout? Better Dead than Red, and I'm damn sure not talking about communism... I'm talking about being a Republican. No more elephants in the office. End of subject.

Enjoy life while you can, catch you later.

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