Monday, May 22, 2017

Triumph of Innocent Joy......

Yea, that's one bahuumpa grandiose title, don't ya' think? But dang it, every now and then what's wholesome and happy needs to have the stage. Them who know me, my writings, know I love to look at the ladies, they're pretty. If you're waiting for me to change my mind about that pull yourself up an orbit and get comfortable, you're gonna be here a while. Now I like to pair up the ladies with a music that sets a theme for her, sounds that set a soft harmony to flowing muscle in motion. All things considered? It's just plain hard to beat this one for absolute unabashed joy in motion... this is what I watch when I've had a bellyful of the political bullshit and I'm ready to say "let the dumbfucks burn, they brought it on themselves..."

This is what brings me back to saying "nah, gotta keep trying, this, I mean yes sir this is worth trying to protect." Enjoy.


  1. Hi 'nos, ran across an old link to/from Calleigh Black on dA, Checked, and you're still here! This "skateaway" video is beautiful, BTW. Speaking of dA, I got another DD a couple of days back. Yet, I've never figured out if I'm actually any good at all, more than just get lucky every so often. Life is good. Hope the same is true for you. If you'd be open to taking up where we left off, I'm game, with an explanation from me, if you'd prefer it. Your call. :) pip

    1. Hey and Hi! Congrats on the DD! They don't give those away. I haven't done anything on DevArt in quite a while, it's a legacy account for me these days.

      Life is good here. Still to much drama in certain quarters, but go figure. At the moment restoring myself for the writings after burning six, eight months chasing the political ramifications of the social media. I'm afraid my first work of fiction is no longer fiction. *chuckle* I need to get it finished and to the publisher before it ends up in the "alternate history" category. Still write a bit of verse, when someone or something touches the sentimental side of me... Ms. Alex's gift is still there, but sadly it sleeps a lot for lack of enough... romance? I guess you'd say?... to power it in full. I've given up on trying to force it, the results just aren't the same. Wonder how she's doing these days?

      Welcome back Pip, hope it was a good sabbatical. You're welcome here anytime you'd care to stop by.

  2. [Written 6/12/17]
    Today is Alex's birthday, 'nos. I sent best wishes from you along with my birthday greetings - via facebook. She and Renata [Selene] are no longer with Twinarts who I guess lost their funding and folded. Too bad because it looked like a very professional operation. Not enough market for their basic glamour services in Eukraine, I guess. Though Renata was posting most every day, she never has mentioned any problems with the Russian incursions. Alex has rarely posted anything other than fashion photos, which she is quite professional at, and almost never replied. Compared with previous times, I think she may have a permanent man, maybe husband. Renata has continued her eyelash and pro makeup classes. She's very ambitious. Turn out she's putting the finishing touches on her own salon, to open soon.

    My Daughter [Linda] is a beautician at the recognized as best salon in Somervillle [Boston] and very happy with her life. My son [Victor] is relocating to Silicon Valley [Mt View CA - San Francisco area] with his little family. He and Judy [wife] need to keep up with the latest tech expertise [cloud] [home and business integration and whatever]. They hope to return in a very few years. SFO, MTV and CA in general are so high in living expenses.

    I'm in North Billerica MA now, to get as close to Boston as I can afford. Retirement is good. :) pip

    1. Thanks for remembering me to the ladies, do appreciate it.

      Boston region, eh? I've never been there. Seen the gulf (yuk) and lived by the Pacific (love it, just to many people) but never seen the Atlantic. I've heard tell of a tall ship regatta that was to dock in Boston at some point, hopefully to include the witch herself (the restored Cutty Sark) if someone could be found to captain her across the Atlantic. I'd had it in my head to journey in that direction to see the ships.

      The tech evolution is quite an operation underway... not totally sure how I feel about it. It is certainly large enough to qualify as a Darwinian force on humanity, albeit one of mankind's own creation. From what I've heard San Fran is now Googletown. I've also heard that Microsoft has threatened to jump the border into Canada if they get any more guff from the federales, which would make for an interesting situation indeed.

      Me? *chuckle* I told 'em down at the cell phone store that I didn't want a smart phone... I wanted one that was dumb as rocks, and just as tough. Then I had to argue with the phone company to sell me service that didn't include a multi-gig data plan. I'd go blind as a bat trying to run a gig of data across that screen. If I was living road warrior I'd buy into the whole mobile thing, but for what I do why bother? That idea seemed to confuse the sales crew, it was a bit beyond their comprehension. Fad think, don't you know.

      The recon run across the world of farcebook was interesting, disturbing, but interesting. I keep thinking about the psychics who say they "hear" something new... wondering I am if what they're hearing is the infrastructure awakening within itself. Allowing for the ongoing convergences between the realms of the psychics and quantum physics I'm not going to dismiss them out of hand, but that's another subject entirely.

  3. Lots going on here, 'nos, so I'm late replying. Victor will be keeping his job here [it's a good one, with lots of up-side]. So, he'll fly back for a three day period once every two weeks, and stay with me! Yay! His employer must find him very valuable to have worked this out. Most of the time, he'll be 'tele-commuting' from home in CA.

    Been to a Rheumatologist, and after testing I only have age related osteo arthritis - no prescriptions needed, Another Yay! New tires on my '06 Vibe, and am getting it spiffed up for Victor to use when he's here. It's still pretty new actually - only 45,000 miles on it. I think I'll even have it detailed and waxed.

    Linda inquired if I would like an I-pad. Gave her an honest answer: I'd get more use out of an I-phone, mostly for the google-navigating app - so much better than Garmin. She and Victor will go in together for my birthday in August, I guess. I'm gonna go smart! Another reason is, dumb phone users are getting left out of some upgraded services. But, I still don't tweet!

    Quantum physics: According to a book I'm reading, 'Life on the Edge', there's a new field, Quantum Biology. Birds, fish, plants and probably us and our minds all evolved using quantum processes. So, we ARE connected, maybe even more than we've theorized up to now. Some of my poetry [the speculative stuff] may be true! should we switch back to emails?

  4. 'nos - see dA note - thx - pip