Monday, May 8, 2017

The Tardation Matrix…

Once upon a time, back in my prior life, I did a bit of safety work for my company. The work wasn’t all that hard, and yet it was horrible. The idea was to be professionally paranoid. You were supposed to try and figure out how, working with what you had, you could blow up the world and kill someone in a totally new and novel manner. You’d make up lists, work from diagrams, and stock from stone to steel and strut look at each thing and ask the same set of “what if…” questions.  You knew you’d done some good when you’d get that sinking sour oh shit feeling having just realized yea, that could happen, and most likely the operator would not survive.  Half the battle won, the threat was identified.

Half of being successful in such a study is setting it up properly in the beginning, defining that list of questions, establishing the risk matrixes to match the questions. As mentioned in the post “Q, Q and A” for the last couple of months I’ve been collecting the final tailings on my recon run across the world of the social media by observing the ebb and flow of a professional right wing propaganda page on farcebook. I’ve been living among the one’s they’d call lib-tarded, I wanted to get a quick look-see on the con-tarded side of things, focus on the right wing side to observe how the mechanisms and malice that has done America so much harm was being deployed there. To even fake a decent matrix I pretty well had to, no matter how distasteful and discouraging it turned out to be.

That’s what this post is about: beginning the process of defining the tools of the job, what questions are to be asked of each thing, what are the cascade potentials between the questions and what is a realistic risk matrix to match the range of possible answers. In short, that oh-so-critical groundwork. So with your permission I’m gonna start by setting up a multi-dimensional array to organize the questions to be asked and the answers derived concerning component bits of the social interaction where tardation happens. I’m gonna mix pseudo code with text, we’re in the declarations section of writing a program. I’m not asking anyone else to keep track of this, it’s for my thoughts, but what the whale, it won’t hurt to share/show how my thoughts are organized.

Option Base 1 //(for them anal enough to ping a technicality later)
Dim Human As Variant // human can be anything
Human = Array() // A dynamic array, wide open at this point.
// no shape yet, no dimensions, just “heads up computer, it’s coming your way.”

I’m not the first to say it, not by a long shot, but I’ve repeated it more than once elsewhere because it makes sense to me that all things that are both mortal and alive will share these three needs in common: the need for sustenance, security, and procreation. Pretty much everything in life will load back to one or the other of these three primal needs. So I’m going to define the first dimension as things serving the cause of one of the Big 3. (I’m gonna tag on a couple of undefined slots, they don’t cost much while they’re empty, just to have some spares in case something else comes into view that really should play at a primal level.)

ReDim Human = Array(5)
//2=sustenance; 3=security; 4=procreation; 1 and 5 open/null.

Ok, that was easy enough, but it’s time to go to work for real now because hanging down from each of the big three is that list of questions I was talking about, the ones that will be applied to each and every thought put into the machine. These are the engine of the beast. You build an engine to match the load you want it to pull for you. So just exactly what is this engine supposed to do? It’s supposed to illuminate the hidden ways Tardation was inflicted on the American people.

So tell me again, what exactly is that definition of Tardation? Tardation is a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady, essentially an addictive state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim. 

In other words, Tardation is how you produce the most disgusting and dangerous of the political spectrums: the snitches and the sneaks, the spies and informants, eventually the Brown shirts and Fingermen who physically enforce tyranny on their countrymen. The mechanisms of Tardation are the line of supply feeding monsters into the service of the political.

So the current objective is to figure out how you deform the psychology of an innocent infant to the point that by the time that infant is thirty years old it will be firmly convinced that it is doing God’s will to betray, torture, and murder his fellow human beings in the name of the political cause that provides the antidote to his addiction. And, of course, having figured out how to do it make damn sure and certain that it doesn’t happen. That’s how these studies work… first you figure out how to make it happen, and from that figure out how to make sure it can’t happen.

What kind of things play deep enough in a human life to facilitate a state of Tardation? Corrupt religion (#2, security, emotional)? Deformed sexuality? Deformed sexuality concealed? (#3, procreation // #3->#2, procreation vs security)? These are the sorts of things that will have to be sorted and ordered into the next dimension of the array. I’ll leave you to make your lists, I’ll make mine, maybe we can compare lists next time.

Later gang.


  1. Hang tight. You're on your own here. If you get caught, I'll say I don't know you. :)

    Although you may be tempted to, it's probably not a good idea to bring any Bible knowledge into this. Some of these folks or CEs may want to throw in Bible verses that supposedly prove their point. I would be interested in which passages they use and how they relate to the teachings of the whole Bible. I did go to a Christian college after all...

    1. The page itself spins off the assumptions of Bible verses... only a very few of the commentators actually give a scripture reference. Word I hear on the grapevine is these are extremely conservative old school Roman Catholic folk more than a bit annoyed with the current Pope's common sense attitudes on several subjects, an interesting insight into the internal politics of that organization.

      And Jochanaan? Over the years I've become convinced you're a whole lot closer to a true disciple of Jesus than what is called a modern Christian. I value your insight on the subject.

    2. Thank you. :)

      If they're old school Catholic, such as Mel Gibson's group, they value church authority and traditions as much or more as the Bible. And the trouble with old traditions is that, even more than the Bible, you can make them say anything--or only hint that "the Church says such-and-such"--and think with some truth that you've made your point among your followers. So instead of something like the loosely-organized yet family-like 1st-century churches, you have institutionalized tradition that often has "a form of godliness" but little connection to God's love and joy and peace. So you may have no more success with them than I have had convincing many of my Christian brothers and sisters that Trump is a danger to us all.