Friday, October 13, 2017

The God I see...

I say "God" meaning the consciousness of the universe, the awareness whose time shifts energy into the matter we know as reality. In point of fact my personal understanding of that entity is actually closer to the Muslim "Allah" than the Christian concept… the sum of all thoughts of all thinking creatures as they rise back to rejoin with the source from which they began. In my view all thinking self aware creatures are actually a subset of that entity, separated and given free will, sheltered from the full and destructive knowledge of eternity that they be able to live with purpose and the potential for joy, so that such joy and purpose be returned as sustenance to the creator… a balanced relationship of love rather than the simplistic and feudalistic vision propagated by the morally and spiritually bankrupt of all stripes and persuasions, propagated to the intent of undermining self worth and self confidence in the rational, the moral… you know the bunch I speak of. I see the Almighty not as a committee but rather as the conjoined thought of those commonly called God the Father and The Goddess… the masculine and feminine forms that are echoed throughout all of creation, an entity that can be singular in will, or spouses, or to desire any degree of compilation from every child they ever created. God.

---originally published jan 2011---

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This one is for all the Snowflakes out there...

I'm not unsympathetic, I'm just bored with it all. Unless you can top the story of Eric and Charles do the world a favor and make your claim to fame on something you've done, not what someone else told you to believe about yourself. Seriously.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ah, Tevye…

…it is a crazy world we live in, no?  The Czar has moved to America, and in America? In America they are building robots. Robots, Tevye, mechanical men. Soon no one will have to work so very hard, soon maybe we will all be rich men, eh?

I love Tevye. Like Forest Gump he’s one of the strongest and gentlest of creatures possible to imagine, which probably explains why both of them are fictional. Still, look with eyes that can see and it isn’t hard to see bits and pieces of both men in many people.  There is even yet a great deal of nobility in the world. Not as much as there used to be, but still a good amount.

One of the many things I’m watching in relation to the supply of nobility are those robots. Well, not as much the robots as the onset of the “artificial intelligences” dear Dr. Strangefuck wants to have running them. I’m watching them because of what they’re going to do to humanity by ways and means unrecognized by most. Allowing for a couple of other things not recognized by very many people I’m afraid it’s not going to be pretty. But, probably better to start at the beginning.

Face it, the nerds of the world are in celebration. Their dreams are coming true. AI robotics and the rise of the benign techno-tyrants and hey, the nerds get their turn at the top of the food chain. Fair enough, every dog gets to have his day when the over decorated, sophisticate kinky, round healed horny soashwhore thinks he’s the one she wants for her toy. Enjoy her while it lasts kid, she’s very high maintenance. No, the rise of the techno nerd is not the focus of my concern.

The focus of my concern is akin to the income gap thing, how the rich just keep getting richer making the poor look even poorer by comparison. Money doesn’t play much if any part in my concern, although the competence and productivity that are the foundation of money’s value most certainly do. Both of those are at risk, of course they are, but even more than that is poised to fall into the abyss as a consequence of AI.

Societies have this odd habit of migrating in the general direction of what’s needed to maintain the internal delusions and self deceptions a society uses to define itself. If you’re looking for where a society is headed next this is a good thing to bear in mind. One of the most major players on the modern stage of social definition by self deception is partisan politics, and the onset of AI driven industry is going to have a massive, a huge impact on what they have to work with.

The collective entity cePartisanPolitical has two daughters, ceLiberal and ceConservative. Very binary, very us and them, and very-very saleable. One reason it is so easily sold is that both polarities facilitate something that no one will admit to and most people will secretly do: pick an attitude that lets them support their own ego by looking distinctly down on the remainder of their world. The daughters offer their faithful a radically different platform, rationalization, in support of this secret agenda, of course they do. But the net effect is the same which is how their mother keeps tabs on her daughters’ playtime and maintains her  position in the mix.

The conservatives? They’re very sporting folk, the ones who call themselves winners on the big playground of life regardless of their bank balance.  In large degree they’re the ones still trapped in the false doctrine of God favoring the righteous (read compulsive  traditional) with financial success, it shapes their attitudes about a great many things.  They’re not really a large portion of this concern.

Why? Because there’s only so far down you can push the floor of ceConservative’s world. Broke is broke, destitute is destitute. If you try and push that floor any lower, if you even push to many down onto that floor? People have a bad habit of protesting that with this little thing called a revolution. Those get bloody, and they’re terrible for business. They’ll be stone faced defiant in public, but all of those within ceConservative’s sphere of influence are aware of this, scared of it, ceConservative has always been a prime sponsor of the spy vs spy surveillance security thing so she can keep a close eye on that line, she pretty well has to.

No, where AI is concerned it’s ceLiberal that worries me.  You see, the way ceLiberal sells her version of  live looking down a long nose is by using socially sanctioned pity to pump up her hosts in comparison to those less fortunate. The rationalization she offers, and it’s a good one solidly founded in causal reasoning, is that of course you have to look down on them if you’re going to see those who need your help.

The demand of ceLiberal is that if you want to claim her  name you must make an apology for any success of your own by living to help those who didn’t climb as far up ceConservative’s ladder of success as you did. It goes without saying that ceLiberal is the younger daughter, her tactic is a superbly sanctimonious counter-attack against what ceConservative has been hustling for quite a few centuries.

It’s not a totally ignoble tactic, but of course it’s self defeating in the long run. If you truly help someone then there comes a time when that someone doesn’t need any more help. If you hang around trying to “help” after that point you’re not helping, you’re at best a nuisance, at worst an enabler. If you’re true to your life definition of living to “help” you have to go find someone else unfortunate enough to endure your pity in exchange for a hand up.

If there were only a small percentage of liberals this wouldn’t be much of a problem. No minor fraction is going to run the world out of people who genuinely need help. But when ceLiberal is hosted on a fairly high percentage of a fixed population? Under those circumstances running out of people victimized by unjust discrimination is a very real problem. 

When ceLiberal began challenging ceConservative on the political scene the unifying focus were groups comprising twenty, twenty-five, thirty percent of the population suffering legitimate injustices. Seventy five years later they’re down to groups of one percent, half a percent, tiny groups of people where the eccentricities of personality, sexuality, that put them in such a small group in the first place are going to attract unhappy attention regardless of the society they live in.

The standard answer for this has been for ceLiberal to periodically spend a cycle convincing the world that what wasn’t a problem  yesterday is a terrible pressing problem now. All their yammer and bully publicity tactics are focused for a time selling the idea that what was considered the normal consequences of some life choice yesterday are actually a foul and unjust discrimination today. That’s where ceLiberal is today… short a new demographic to pity. Sadly, over the years ceLiberal has shown a terrible habit of manufacturing her own basestock for the pity parties that unify her hosts.

The problem with introducing AI into this situation is that AI will in short order defeat one of the naturally occurring safety factors  on  the power of collective entities such as ceLiberal. Collective entities are mounted on human lives, the lifespan of the collective is tied hard and fast to state of the human lives that host it. One mitigating factor on that power is that regardless of how the humans orient  and arrange themselves and their attitudes to establish “this is me, I’m part of us, that is the them that I am not a part of” the sum competence of the species had to remain adequate to support life. Hungry people, cold people very quickly dump all social definitions (and a great deal beyond just those definitions!) to arrange a full belly and a warm place to sleep. Fact of life.

With AI in the game the constraint of survival is gone. The humans are free to define themselves by descending to depths of despair and depravity never before imagined without needing to worry about remaining sufficiently sane to keep the race alive, AI is in charge of that. With the physical removed from the picture what is left? Maturity, rationality, anything to resemble the ethical?  Of course. All those things which supported the sanity required to stay alive are no longer needed, disposable, each and every one will erode away into history as AI renders them obsolete.

Given ceLiberal’s panache for redefining  rational life into artificial pathos it’s transparent how AI could easily be ceLiberal’s Messiah and the Waterloo of her hated sister ceConservative. There has never been any bottom beneath ceLiberal’s need for something more pathetic to unify her hosts in ego supporting pity, with AI in the game finding something more emotionally pathetic will no longer be a problem.

In the long run this is the most dangerous scenario that has ever darkened my thought. A century after AI becomes a genuine power player I can easily see God Almighty changing the sign over the Gate of Souls from “Earth” to “Hell” and directing his attention elsewhere. There will be nothing noble left in the human race.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

To Hold a Line…

For the sake of transparency: This post is being written to the  request of a younger friend seeking my (freely admitted contra-social, admittedly proto-geezer philosopher) perspective on the sad and complicated subject of the (as it is called by those of dubious motives) opioid epidemic. She has been a good friend, has on more than one occasion provided me with wisdom drawn from her perspectives, I hope I’ll be able to provide something of wisdom in return.

Gentle reader, allow me to say this in the beginning: I hate working on the symptoms of a problem and leaving the driving source of said problem intact and active to re-appear in some new and potentially more damaging form later.  What will follow is written with compassion for all involved. I am not young, I have not lived a sheltered life and like the old song said I’ve seen the needle and the damage done…”

That said the title of this post is “to hold a line” and the line I’d like to put before the world’s eyes, what  I believe is the key thought to cracking this complicated problem to allow a lasting resolution is this: There is no substance known to man that can ease the pain of a broken heart or a broken dream.

Am I saying I think the entire issue is of a psychosomatic nature? No, I am not.  But I will assert, and defend my assertion, that the turbulence muddying the social waters to facilitate the spread of the affliction of addiction are indeed the result of what is implied in the paragraph above, which is of a psychological nature.

This is a complicated problem, but it can be divided out into related parts and pieces for easier handling. The simplest division is to simply say there are victims, and there are villains. In this matter it is not uncommon to find one individual who is, in fact, a member of both groups, and entire groups which fall into one category or the other.

The ultimate victims of this are those where fate has burdened their life with some malady, some illness or un-healable injury resulting in continuous pain. Their quality of life is dependent upon controlling the access that pain signal has on their conscious perception. For them the opium poppy and all of its’ derivatives, both natural and synthetic, are truly a gift of God and Goddess alike. Used with wisdom and good judgment that little flower has saved a great many more lives than it has taken, there is no computing the number of life-hours it has allowed as worth living when otherwise mercy would have demanded some loved one provide a clean ending. There is no debate in this, it is a matter of fact.

To treat with the rampant problem of opioid addiction in a simplistic manner by saying “shut down the supply” is to threaten those ultimate victim’s very existence, more than their existence it is to threaten condemning them, for no crime of theirs, to endure a life not worth living. It is cruelty taken to an apogee of barbarism, such a stance is not an acceptable answer in any culture to be called civilized. Any who would embrace and internalize such a stance place themselves well within the domain of another piece of wisdom found in several people’s scriptures. To wit? Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

That is the simplest element of the situation, easily perceived. But spinning away from that simple point are the convoluted swirls of the social (which are the sum of the equally complex individual psychologies) where words like “epidemic” and “crisis” are valid markers for the current and rapidly degrading situation.

We’ve identified the ultimate victims of this situation, so what is to be said of the ultimate villains? Is it even possible to identify such villains so that a line may be drawn villain to victim and a scale of responsibility established?

My answer to that is yes, it can be done, but not without the services of a concept not commonly understood. That concept is the collective entity*. There are definable villains to be seen, villains callous and greedy and well beyond the reach of justice, in many if not most cases the law supports their agendas. But these villains have neither face nor form for where they are comprised of, mounted on, human lives they are not themselves of a human nature. They are collective entities within the culture. 

*(For those new to my writings I will thumbnail a collective entity  in this manner: a collective entity may be thought of as a social momentum so accepted, and coalesced into, the common psyche as to have become a foundation belief of many people’s existence upon which their personality is based; a force so consistent within the culture as to be objectively observed as the actions of a single individual competing for survival within a society of such forces. The concept is illuminated in the ThirdReality of Man series for any who might be interested in perceiving the true power players of our times.)

It is my considered opinion the core of the current addiction problem, the headwater source of the problem, the point where any successful intervention must begin is found in the consequences of the very young entity cePsychology (less than two hundred years) competing for validity among other collective entities of its’ kind. This explanation is not a simple one, it seems counterintuitive at first, but please hear me out because the line of reasoning coming down from this point fully encloses the problem from every angle I’ve found by which to approach.

To put some light in the tunnel? Contemplate what is promised by all of the social entities with which cePsychology competes, the value that is offered to the individuals: the promise of a happy (and included as part and parcel of the concept of happy the presumption of pain free… free of any kind of pain, physical or psychological  ) life. How many modern social forces use that promise as part of their ‘sales pitch’ competing for individuals who will be loyal to their template?

The entity cePsychology has since the days of Siggy Freud been muscling its’ way into the pack, and I will defend the position that a great many of the modern social deformities (to hang a bucket definition label), including the current addiction crisis, are a result of what has been displaced and reshaped as it has been making headway. It is transparent obvious when the structures of a society suffer a deformation then there will be individuals within that society whose lives reflect and represent that deformity. A thousand, a million rationalizations, but all of them founded upon the miscarriage of the realistic, the rational, which is the essence of the social deformity. I give you the source of the addicts whose lives, compromised and diminished and degraded as they are, are being called an epidemic.

If this be true then it is equally transparent obvious that to cure the epidemic you must first cure the deformity that produced it or the mechanism of the deformity will outrun your best efforts at intervention, just as is being seen in the reality of today’s evening news. You cannot heal them as quickly as the deformity can seduce them into misery, and even if healed the consequences of the affliction linger in the unchangeable archive of history.

I give you the villains of this situation: the conflicted (in the psychological sense, conflicted) thoughts being bartered by the collective entities of modern society deformed by a rate of social evolution to rapid to allow those thoughts to have evolved stability.

How you might ask, how can so many lives be linked through one thought? How can any single thought have such power? The answer is that once a collective entity has struck a bargain with an individual, once that individual has accepted and internalized a thought offered by a collective entity of their society as a part and portion of his or her own internal definition of …self… then that individual will bend heaven around a hard on or hell around a saddle cinch if that is what is required to continue using that thought to define themselves… to themselves.

The degree to which this thought, what ever it might be, is the foundation of a personality? That degree becomes the exact same degree of deformation and self deception they will apply to every other element of their personal reality in order to maintain the structure built upon that thought. This is, ultimately, the degree of counterforce required ( from some other source or alliance of sources operating in the same ranges of self definition ) to allow them to change. When the thought internalized, when the bargain struck, involves the unrealistic promise of a pain free and happy life as a consequence of some single point of social conformity, social belief? You’re dealing with some very serious social power. Mishandle that power and the result is total calamity and disaster.

Is the situation hopeless? Can it be changed? No, it is not hopeless and yes, it can be changed. But to do so with deliberate intent demands that those who would attempt to make such a change actually understand the forces they propose to manipulate. Sadly, there are entities both discrete and collective evil enough to have no qualms about exploiting such vulnerability for power and profit, such an effort will not be unopposed and the opposition will have all of social convention from which to draw weaponry. Doubt this? Look at the life of Nelson Mandela, or Ghandi, or Jesus of Nazareth. There are many examples to choose from concerning how fiercely the  collective entities will defend their host base, and how brutal they can and will be in that defense. It only makes sense, really. To them they are defending their very lives.

Which, emerging from the folded space of the tesseract which is the modern human dynamic, delivers us back to where this impromptu dive into the deeper depths began: how to deal with the explosion of addictions (of all kinds! Many addictions DO NOT involve any chemical compound at all!) that is threatening the very survival of modern civilization. What should be the first move to untie this multi-dimensional knot of misery?

I, Cyranos DeMet, a Lord of LaMancha and gunny sergeant in the Third Expeditionary SoulMarine (*chuckle* the Lords of LaMancha being the nickname of my unit of air cavalry in said fictional army), will put forth that when a majority of the population understands and internalizes the truth that there is no substance known to man that can ease the pain of a broken heart or a broken dream  then a powerful blow will have been struck against the headwaters of the problems. This thought must become as ubiquitous as the air we breath, it must arrive from all directions supported by every good wisdom ever recorded, it must arrive gentle as a spring breeze that it creep unnoticed beneath the clamor and yammer of the social, the ever watchful eyes of the collective entities of society whose competitions will be deprived of a truly critical line of supply should that thought come to be a common understanding.

To one and all: thank you for your time. Semper Fi, SoulMarine. The fight is not lost yet.

To any might have a thought to add comments are welcomed.

Monday, July 31, 2017

That was a Mistake...

Do Not, I repeat do not EVER read Steppenwolf... and then look to closely at the mandatory mediocrity of digitized perfection which is today's culture. It will trash your digestion for a week.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The State of the Art... and other things

When the word bucket runs dry and I'm waiting for it to refill it's not uncommon to find me with a pencil in my hand, or working the desktop art software. What's beneath the fold are a few offerings from recent works, marginally NSFW... mostly just filling time and blog-o-space out of boredom. What the hell, it won't hurt to take an easy chuckle from what those with a psychoanalytical bent might conclude...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tomahawk and Tiger

== Originally Published March 2011==

Curtis P40E
wearing the colors of the AVG 
There is a story from just before the United States entered the second world war, a story that carries a very, very pertinent moral for our times, our political times. The story comes out of China, a China at war both with itself and with Japanese invaders. It is a story that involves Americans, both sides of America, the conventional and the astute, and the story goes like this.

You might remember the name Flying Tigers... remember the red shark mouth painted around the radiator cowling of the fighters, the shark eyes on the nose. Those fighters, both the aircraft and the men who flew them, were American mercenaries hired by the Chinese government to provide some attempt at defending their skies from the Japanese who in that day thought nothing of bombing their designated target and then shooting up every round of ammunition on the way home strafing civilians in the streets, in open air markets, in the fields. These mercenary defenders were under the command of a renegade American officer by the name of Claire Chenault, a brilliant aerial tactician who was out of favor with higher ranking officers for promoting strategies beyond his superior's comprehension. The American government and army alike were quite willing to let the renegade officer attempt to prove his theories of aerial combat in someone else's war and so it was with the tacit approval of the American government he was allowed to form the AVG, American Volunteer Group, the Flying Tigers to help defend our paper allies the Chinese. As a matter of pragmatic combat testing, since the aircraft would be under the control of American mercenary pilots, the Chinese were allowed to buy America's front line fighter of the day, the Curtis built P-40 upon which the famous shark mouth fit so well.

Claire Chenault was fully vindicated: his tactics scored the highest kill to loss ratio ever achieved, and did so so facing literally hundred to one odds. Likewise, the steed that carried his warriors into battle was equally proven superior. The sturdy P-40 could endure nearly thirty seconds within an enemy's cone of fire, because of massively superior firepower the lifespan of its' enemy within the P-40's cone of fire measured as only three or four seconds. So effective was the combination of Chenault's tactics and the P-40 that many came to doubt his reports. Within the military establishment his reports were squelched and hidden, likely costing many hundreds of lives later, but the Curtis corporation who built the fighter had no such politically based limitations… they wanted to see just how their product was holding up in what was obviously heavy, heavy combat. To this end they dispatched a senior engineer to visit China to personally validate the reports they were receiving.

The engineer made his way to China, arrived safely at a forward airfield home to an active squadron of the AVG. He was led out onto the field to where one of the P-40's was resting, a tired and battered machine awaiting the mechanics to heal it's wounds before returning to the fray. Leaning against the trailing edge of a wing was the twenty two year old hot-shot mercenary pilot whose mount it was. The engineer circled the aircraft, wide eyed astounded at the degree of damage it had sustained, pointing at the multitude of bullet holes and instructing his assistant to take notes: "put more armor there, and there, and there," he said, pointing out each place where the aircraft had been riddled by enemy fire. When this had gone on for several minutes the pilot, who was chewing himself a wad of tobacco, shook his head and spit on the engineers shoes.

"You goddamn fool," he exclaimed. "Put the fricken' armor where the bullet holes ain't! This one brought me home! "

The young pilot's wisdom was sound, so sound. In these days we are finding out just how battered, just how shot up the United States of America really is, just how much damage the magnificent work of our founding father's sustained turning back an assault on our freedoms, an assault on the peace of the world, an assault on the dignity and integrity of the United States.

We would be fools indeed to do as the amazed and befuddled engineer almost did: add more armor to what has already proven equal to turn back the enemies worst. The truly evil men who mounted this assault on the country they claim to love, these men are evil but they are not fools, and they will be back. We need to put more armor where the bullet holes are not, understand and analyze their motives and goals so we can strengthen those parts of our nation they'll attack next time. And doubt it not, there will be a next time in this conflict, just as there was a next time for the AVG when they were drafted as a unit into the United States Army after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

***   ***   ***

And... they are back with a horn section fanfare, no mistaking it.

The bird pictured might be a bit of a later variant than an "E" model, but memory serves it is wearing the colors of "Old Exterminator" (a rather celebrated hero of the Flying Tigers) and so I'll leave the caption as is to portray the character. You have to be a true student of military history to appreciate this one: as soon as the parts arrive to fix the water machine the "Tardation of:" series will continue.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Tardation Study: The Fruit Company

Twisting Fate...
what is about to begin happening,
one way or another.
Author’s Note:
This post is a continuation of an ongoing series:
Concerning Tardation; The Tardation Matrix; The Tardation Matrix: Dimensions; The Tardation Matrix: Human(x,y,n)

===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===
Tardation: a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady emulating an addicted state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim.
===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===

So far these thoughts have been focused almost exclusively on the matrix of questions to be used. Why? Because questions must precede answers of course.  But now it’s time to think a bit on the remainder of the beast.

Questions beget answers, many of which will be partial answers, incorrect and incomplete answers. How these intermediates are handled while they’re evaluated, promoted or discarded makes quite a difference in how efficiently they can be processed.  I’m of a mind to think the work deck for these intermediates should echo the matrix from which they originated, a three dimensional array of the same dimensions as the first, five by five by n deep where each “n” is one set of intermediates.  That’s twenty five responses where by soft convention nine of them have a pre-defined emphasis, with fourteen wide open.

The chances any thought dropped through the machine is going to only generate one  possible answer are vanishing thin.  The world is simply more complex than that. The flow of the intermediates generated is a data source in and of itself, the more and more diverse a group of people contributing to the study the more accurate they become.

There needs to be a protocol in the answer matrix for tracking the exact progression of thought, all the lines of reasoning originating from some initial input.  Since the answer matrix is going to be strings, text,  I’m thinking a dedicated header section would be appropriate, some convention to indicate flow and direction.

So let each entry in the answer matrix begin with a header enclosed in the [square brackets] where the convention is [ date:time stamp; contributor code;  #(x,y,n) to indicate the entry point (beginning of thread) and |(x,y,n) to indicate the immediate predecessor or referring point. If one answer leads to another question, as so often they will, then an in text citation in similar format pointing to where the new question enters. A bit of fideltity to convention and it becomes possible for fairly simple macro code to reconstruct a line of thought.

That should make a decent system to begin from.  An idea goes in the top, bounces around rote question to rote question, the results are stored in a matching structure where they can be retrieved.  Ok, enough to start from as soon as the final major component is built.

The final, and in a very real sense the most critical, component is some sort of risk assessment… a key, a rosetta stone to translate what comes out of the machine into as realistic an estimation of consequences as possible.  This is where the rubber meets the road, where the academic elements of contemplation cross it up with the deeds of reality. The entire point of a study like this is to determine, if possible, which threat vectors need addressing first, and how to address them.

I want you to do me a favor now. I want you to recall to mind that magnificent man Forest Gump. Yes, one and the same that Tom Hanks did such a masterful job of portraying in the movie. ( You haven’t seen Forest Gump? Find a copy and watch it, please, because the character is going to show up fairly often from here on out. He’s as genuine and gentle a creature of God as I can imagine, he’s fictional and well known… Forest and company are going to be my “every man” example.) Got him back? Ok.

Do you recall how Lieutenant Dan finally said thank you to Forest for saving his life by putting part of Forest’s money he made shrimpin’ like Bubba told him about into some kind of fruit company? Made him so much money he didn’t have to go out shrimpin’ no more and he could cut that grass for free while raising little Forest? Yes *wink* that company.  Where they might not be as guilty as some they’re most definitely players in our reality who work in these realms. So “the fruit company” is going to serve as my example of those social institutions and endeavors whose competitions for survival become such massive power players on the human stage.

The focus of the moment is trying to create some realistic risk assessment tool to address whatever might be discerned concerning the unnatural anger and polarization of modern society that I’ve been calling “tardation.” So… deep breath at the stand up to it writing desk, run the check list: fresh pot of coffee, new pack of smokes, the big stereo talking to two hundred albums worth of good music on full random play… yea. As ready as I can get.

The function of the tool proposed sets the consequences of a thought run through the machine. Some of these thoughts will be from imagination, but the majority of them will have a bit of history to them, they’ll have been sparked by some observation of reality.  Working from the dangerous assumption (because I really have no other choice) that what history can show us falls between the ones on the good old bell curve (the middle of the hump where over half of things end up) the next step is to define the extremes.

The best case scenario is humanity heals, becomes a collection of unique cultures respectfully tolerant and understanding of the other, the competitions are in works of wholesome imagination constructed into a reality where humanity lives in sustainable balance with the planet that supports it. In other words, the things that leave Gaia to smile at the fact that Jesus is finally, finally free of the pain he accepted to save the race. There’s little to worry about on that end. It’s the other end of that curve where things get scary.

What is the absolute worst case scenario imaginable? (lol… and the stereo quite unbidden serves up Pink Floyd’s “Money”… is random play really so very random?) The other end is thermonuclear Armageddon of course, a dead world a full million years of healing away from supporting any life at all on the surface of the globe. That’s the worst potential, from the macroscopic perspective. Of course there are several scenarios not quite so bad, not quite, that would generate an immensely larger degree of human suffering, but go figure. The dead do not suffer, at least not in any mortal sense of the word. For our purposes those “not quite so bad” nightmares made reality become the worst case scenarios we might experience. In a truly worst case scenario we’ll die very quickly, or if luck isn’t with us we’ll suffer for a couple of years and then be dead too. In that case it really won’t matter anymore.

All other possibilities close on the center from these extremes. It might be a good thing to know just where we as a species, a society of societies, really are on that scale. Knowing where we are now, and knowing (kinda sorta) where we were back then, some compilation of points from history, and it becomes possible to perceive some unit to fit a standard distribution of the well being of humanity. Now, with that said it becomes quite a question from the ethical standpoint where to declare the median and mean, but that’s a debate for a different day.

I say might be because if we actually knew for sure it might be so damn scary as to cause a panic, truth be told. But that’s where this ramble has come to, and that’s where it’s gonna get parked for tonight.

Enjoy life while you can and like the truckers used to say “we’ll catch you on the flip flop.”

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Tardation Matrix: Human(x,y,n)

Lot's Despair.
Is it worth trying to find
ten righteous men in this
degenerate day and age?
Author’s Note:
This post is a continuation of an ongoing series, it will make a lot more sense once you’ve read the ones which precede it in the series…
Concerning Tardation; The Tardation Matrix; The Tardation Matrix: Dimensions

Tardation: a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady emulating an addicted state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim.

===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===

This post is a bit of a shakedown, a trial run. The structure of this study is far from finalized, but to improve from this point requires a bit of experience with the tool being built. So in my head I’m going to drop a thought into the machine and see what’s left of it when it comes out the other end. I’m really not expecting much, not yet.

Just for a working example consider Human(2,2,n)… in other words, or rather in English words, the test subject is a thought that resolves as involving Sustenance which also cross the concepts involved with an individual’s Self Acceptance.   Certainly a broad enough range for today’s purposes.

Sustenance is, of course, a much wider subject than simply food, of course it is. The subject includes all things that sustain  us across the mortal run. The physical is important, but of even greater importance to this study are the things that sustain heart and soul, the matters of the spirit and the will to put forth the effort to live free. When considering tardation it is easily seen matters of motive carry at the least equal if not greater weight than the relatively simple issues involved in the physical.

The importance of self acceptance to the functionality of an individual simply cannot be overstated. In any mechanism of manipulation, regardless if it is an effort of considered malice or some confluence of a defective social psychology’s subconscious,  in either case self acceptance will be a standing target, continuously under attack.

To accept to yourself the self you are is truly the deepest foundation of mental health, genuine mental health the antithesis of tardation. With that said it of course must follow the preceding statement has for an underlying assumption an individual actually knows what is self, and what is not… but more on that a bit later.

The deepest difficulty of this study is that the human being is in the deepest essence a social creature. This shouldn’t really be much of a surprise because in the wild the human is also a prey animal. Only a very few humans are able to mount a viable defense against any of the natural predators using only what nature gave them. Only an intelligent and proactive imagination expressed in what social arrangements enable allows the human race to survive, much less thrive.

Observation gives this fact is integrated into the cumulative human psyche to the point it is often enough assigned a form of mental illness when is not  a key and dominant factor in someone’s thought processes. This fact, which is in fact a critical spin point between all three of the first dimension parameters  is obviously, and heavily, exploited by the mechanisms of tardation.

It might be argued the need for social inclusion should be considered a primal. The problem with setting it a primal is that it bridges between the species, the society, and the individual. It is no more a primal need of one than it is the other. From the faith of a heretic I will assert to you it is always an error to treat with any single concept as if it were the same concept when viewed from the differing perspectives of the society and the individual. I have found the confusions generated from this error are often the headwaters of a great many miseries and evils ranging far beyond tardation!

Therefore I propose to let it play as a named free agent index in these deliberations. Social inclusion, an all but ubiquitous factor in the thoughts of the human. Let it become a unit to measure the motivation of a thing. If the SI index is integer one the total motivation for the act in focus was to maintain or enhance an individual’s acceptability or importance, their stature, face as the orientals would call it, within their society. On the other hand if the SI index is negative the conventions and opinions of the social structure associated were of some degree less than unimportant, a negative one indicates a motive, an emotion, that would translate as “may the thermonuclear camel they rode up on take obscene liberties with their colon.” Anyway, diseased and debauched camels set aside, moving onwards.

Reality presents some thought, the thought becomes a question: is this part of what is tearing up my world? Am I seeing what I’m looking at?  The essence of the question is  “In some manner might this be a driving force of tardation? If so how? From which primal need is it leveraged? Which of the three facets of personality is it’s prime point of access?” 

The first question resolves to a yes or a no, but the means of resolving the remaining questions are anything but binary. It is becoming ever more obvious the first real challenge to the effectiveness of this study is deciding what questions should be put into the machine, and by which of the nine possible paths?

The modern world is a complex and convoluted place, many things are evolving and not all of those things, for as strange as they might appear, are harmful or bad. Sorting out the good from the bad from the simply ugly is going to be a challenge.  I’m going to think about the problem for a bit and leave that for a closing thought before this post gets totally out of hand.

Catch you later.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fashion Explained

When we are young our parents take us to church.

To go to church our parents dress us up in special clothes.

Wearing special clothes at church is when God loves us.

We grow up and decide God must hate us because church is crap.

But we still wear our special clothes when looking for love.

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* * *
* *
Eye candy just for fun...tripping in the badlands.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Tardation Matrix: Dimensions

Ok, bringing it back up to speed. We left off asking what kind of things play deep enough in a human life to leverage the diminished state of Tardation?  

Tardation: a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady emulating an addicted state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim.

The first categories established were those things common to all things both alive, and mortal: (1)sustenance; (2)security; and (3)procreation. To provide a place for these, and a couple of more should something truly primal present itself in the investigation, in the matrix mentioned in the title?
ReDim Human = Array(5)

Today’s effort is to set the remaining dimensions on that matrix, attempt to discern which elements of the individual  become the targets of the mechanisms of tardation.

To do what’s being done these things will have to be deep things, first order things of the inner self. What parameters of personality might play at such a level? What sets the key and critical difference between people that leave some but not others vulnerable to the condition of tardation?

For a first thought I’m going to start with another three concepts I’ve found to be as critical to the individual as the first trio are to the species: the traits of self confidence, self discipline, and self acceptance (thank you Ms. Alex… you showed me the true power of these).  From long and personal experience I know if any of these three are compromised the life is compromised in equal measure. A life compromised is a life vulnerable to being manipulated, and tardation is most definitely a manipulation. Of course these are categories, container thoughts, working  dynamics of a personality rather than some talisman or totem that once possessed goes on a shelf for display.  

Since these are dynamic qualities it then follows there must be some range of functionality, some range of values one relative to the other ranging from perfect to acceptable to quite counterproductive for the life to function smoothly.  To install Tardation as a functioning component of a life will almost certainly involve tampering with one or more of these.

In light of this I’m going to set the second dimension of the array to reflect these three, and as before I’m going to tag on a couple of more slots to hold what might be found that should play at the same level within any individual life. In the computerese this becomes ReDim Human  = Array(5,5).  Set the elements as (2) self acceptance, (3) self confidence, and (4) self discipline, with (1) and (5) as before left open/null until and unless later defined.  The nature of the language in play sets this as the top plane of the Tardation matrix, the one that is fixed and cannot be modified later: a five by five grid where the center three by three are  defined.

I say tampering, and swallow hard. To deliberately tamper with such low level concepts Is dicey enough if you’re only talking about one individual, but to attempt to tamper with them in any significant percentage of your population as a whole runs from audacious right on over to total idiocy.  The scope of tardation is so large it’s a viable question to ask if it is even possible  for it to be the result of a  deliberate effort on someone’s part. 

The answer is, of course, it really doesn’t matter. Regardless if the degree of tardation afflicting the modern world is the result of some dastardly plot by mercenary necromancers operating out of the deepest bowels of academia’s psychosocial poli-sci studies or totally a consequence of social evolution being overdriven by technology the net results are the same.  Regardless of the source the situation remains unchanged, and there equally remains the need for mitigating action in the cause of allowing the survival of modern society.

For the purposes of this study I’m going to proceed from the assumption the current situation is the result of a socio-evolutionary potential opened by the exponential advances in technology quickly recognized and exploited by the existing necromancers of their respective vintages.  There is a history here to be discerned and recorded at some point, but such history is not the focus of now, it will be included in the ongoing “History ala Mode” series of essays under the title “What the Dishwasher Saw.”

At this point what is defined for the matrix is two dimensional, flat, a chessboard reduced by three rows and three ranks.  It is taking shape, but hardly big enough to handle what is coming at it.  Fortunately there is a third dimension available, and yes indeed, it is going to be used. The third dimension is where the questions live, each as relates to the square above it. What happens when there is to much of a given thing? What happens when there isn’t enough? How does it effect a persons’ perspective on things under those circumstances? What changes when those imbalances are compensated by the politically motivated mechanisms of tardation? Earlier I compared such questions as the engine of this study. I’m a bit of a country boy gearhead in my essence, such analogies are comfortable for me so I’m going to hold with that analogy.

From that perspective the nature and exact wording (as exact as possible, to compare to the precision of the wording used in juris prudence) of these questions, each of which must be applied to every facet of any thought put into the engine, become the cam and carb, the exhaust system and ignition advance curves in service when the beast is put in the field to go to work for real. The wording becomes the tune parameters that make all the difference in how the beast is going to run under load.

The nature of the array defined is such that only the final dimension can be changed on the fly. The last defined dimension is open to being expanded, or contracted. So from where we are now the three dimensional Array Human is five by five by some number N deep where N represents all the possible combinations and permutations of questions that have, or might seem to have, some bearing on the subject of Tardation. 

Just for a grab and go example before I sign off this chapter? Consider the matrix element Human(3,3,n). In other words, where security crosses with self confidence. The number N becomes how many possible ways  might some convergence of forces generated from the primal need of all living things for an acceptable degree of security, as it is seen manifested in some manner related to self confidence, how many different points that meet those two criterion  might be playing in these considerations? If tardation is a accidental thing how did the accident happen? If tardation is a deliberate act of malicious manipulation how was the manipulation implemented? Give this half a moments thought and it is readily apparent there may well be fifteen, fifty, maybe a hundred possibilities within the parameters established.

In point of fact the number of possibilities grows so quickly that each of the nine defined possibilities deserves an exploratory essay in its’ own right just to begin defining, testing and examining, retaining or discarding the possibilities. So that’s where this series will continue: The Tardation Matrix: Human (x,y,n) where the position gives the subject under consideration. A wide open field of  considerations indeed. Methinks a good compass and sextant and clock might be a good thing to have handy, a kid could get lost in the possibilities without them.

Later gang.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recovery Time...

A Surrealistic Sun
I hadn't realized just how draining it is to spend time in a place where you know every word uttered (well, posted) is to the intent of corrupting someone's judgment, perverting their vision, compromising their soul. It's been a while since I kept the company of those called right wing conservative. They are still such repulsive creatures, toxic and tainted. Nowhere nowhen nohow have I ever met anything to compare to the Ugly American Conservative for draining away all joy in life, all inspiration and creative energy. Six months playing tag with Agent Smith on Farcebook and then two months dealing with the contard assholes Farcebook's personality profiler's finally concluded was me (faked them right out!) and the reserves are running a bit low. I be a weary boy, soul deep weary.

So... I bought me a brand new Missouri Meerschaum (lol... aka, classic corncob) pipe, the best Cavendish tobacco to be had in a factory sealed bag, some new charcoal pencils and a super cool and groovy new easel box to carry all the drawing stuff down to the park or the coffee shop or the pub... and I be plotting a bit of a vacation. There's picture's to be painted and music to be found and the old VW is still a job underway (good lord there's a LOT of tin to scrub and paint on one of those engines!) and... yea, it's summertime.

My final words for the contards of Intellectual Takeout? Better Dead than Red, and I'm damn sure not talking about communism... I'm talking about being a Republican. No more elephants in the office. End of subject.

Enjoy life while you can, catch you later.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Triumph of Innocent Joy......

Yea, that's one bahuumpa grandiose title, don't ya' think? But dang it, every now and then what's wholesome and happy needs to have the stage. Them who know me, my writings, know I love to look at the ladies, they're pretty. If you're waiting for me to change my mind about that pull yourself up an orbit and get comfortable, you're gonna be here a while. Now I like to pair up the ladies with a music that sets a theme for her, sounds that set a soft harmony to flowing muscle in motion. All things considered? It's just plain hard to beat this one for absolute unabashed joy in motion... this is what I watch when I've had a bellyful of the political bullshit and I'm ready to say "let the dumbfucks burn, they brought it on themselves..."

This is what brings me back to saying "nah, gotta keep trying, this, I mean yes sir this is worth trying to protect." Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

An Anecdotal Backfire…

I don’t think it was a Tuesday.  Might have been a Thursday.  In any case it was early in the summer of 1968 and early in the afternoon and I was hanging out at a friends house.  His mom was headed downtown, and knowing we were headed in that general direction later yelled at us going out the door “you boys want a ride?”  Of course we said yes knowing full well we’d bail out and hike back, but hey, anything to cut the miles on the feet.  We put a lot of miles on our feet that summer.

Now Mrs. Baggins (not her real name, of course) was a rather conservative woman, she had to be really, she was married to a most prominent man in the community, prominent in his church as well, and Mrs. Baggins full embraced the conservative culture his position demanded.  Of course back then I really had no idea there was any other culture, being as how my mom was of the same sort, a rabid John Bircher who didn’t allow much by way of any external culture into the home.  It was her way or the highway if you get the drift, to her Democrats were without a doubt servants of Satan.  Yea, one of those.

Anyway, half way to where we were going to bail Mrs. Baggins copped an attitude, and I mean big time.  She turned to us and with a tone of voice I’d later learn means distilled malice said “Let’s go laugh at the hippies.”  

She cut away from the main road to take us down the little lane that runs along the edge of the beach in Oceanside.  It’s a slow little road, pedestrian choked, think the speed limit was all of fifteen miles an hour.  So instead of a quick ride to within a few blocks of our destination my buddy and I were subjected to her ogling, and utterly mocking, the young folk on the beach for a lot longer than we wanted to listen.  Oh dear lord, the expression on her face to see the California girls in their really very modest (by today’s standards) bikini swimsuits.  Didn’t know what to think about what she was radiating about the boys (being all of 12 and innocent having absolutely no idea what a case of the hypocritical hornies look like), but it was distinctly uncomfortable and riding plenty of wattage to jump the Pacific and be heard in Tokyo.  We were within a couple of blocks of where she’d have cut back for the main road when the traffic got snarled, bringing us to a complete and total standstill for almost five minutes. Those five minutes changed my life.

The little lane was, probably still is, lined with cottages facing the beach, and we stopped directly in front of one where two handsome young bucks were sunbathing in front of their quarters.  They were definitely gentlemen of leisure that afternoon, kicked back with a beer and watching the pretty girls put on a show on the sand.  They even had music to go with the show, they’d put rather large speakers in both front windows of the tiny cottage.  Good speakers they were, sitting on the road I could hear the music quite clearly, it was very good fidelity for the day.

Anyhow, that was the first time I ever heard the Moody Blues, the guys  were listening to “The Afternoon, Forever Afternoon” they were, an utterly enchanting music.  Of course Mrs. Baggins all but hit the roof, fuming and sputtering and all but slobbering on herself in utter outrage that, that hippies  could have a music so delightful.  She dialed on her contempt to combat max, my buddy quailed, retreated, withdrew.  But she was his mom, not mine, I had a little more maneuvering room.  I remember looking at her turning red with outrage while looking at them smiling and waving, looking at her puffing up like an adder turning her nose up in the air, looking past her at the pretty people on the beach, and then looking away from her with a very major decision made.  I didn’t put it in these words, I really didn’t know these words back then, but the sentiment was instant, absolute and final, translated into the modern it would read “fuck her with the horse she rode up on, I’d rather be there, with them where there’s some beauty in life than with some frigid hate filled bitch like her.”   

That was the moment I quit being a conservative and started down the path to where I am now.  Odd, but yea.  I never went back, never really looked back.  

The moral of the story?  Beware letting your bigotries go naked in public because you never know when they might become the point of negative comparison that will turn someone in the exact opposite direction.  So yea Mrs. Baggins, thanks for taking me to laugh at the hippies. Sorry (not) that it backfired on you so big.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Tardation Matrix…

Once upon a time, back in my prior life, I did a bit of safety work for my company. The work wasn’t all that hard, and yet it was horrible. The idea was to be professionally paranoid. You were supposed to try and figure out how, working with what you had, you could blow up the world and kill someone in a totally new and novel manner. You’d make up lists, work from diagrams, and stock from stone to steel and strut look at each thing and ask the same set of “what if…” questions.  You knew you’d done some good when you’d get that sinking sour oh shit feeling having just realized yea, that could happen, and most likely the operator would not survive.  Half the battle won, the threat was identified.

Half of being successful in such a study is setting it up properly in the beginning, defining that list of questions, establishing the risk matrixes to match the questions. As mentioned in the post “Q, Q and A” for the last couple of months I’ve been collecting the final tailings on my recon run across the world of the social media by observing the ebb and flow of a professional right wing propaganda page on farcebook. I’ve been living among the one’s they’d call lib-tarded, I wanted to get a quick look-see on the con-tarded side of things, focus on the right wing side to observe how the mechanisms and malice that has done America so much harm was being deployed there. To even fake a decent matrix I pretty well had to, no matter how distasteful and discouraging it turned out to be.

That’s what this post is about: beginning the process of defining the tools of the job, what questions are to be asked of each thing, what are the cascade potentials between the questions and what is a realistic risk matrix to match the range of possible answers. In short, that oh-so-critical groundwork. So with your permission I’m gonna start by setting up a multi-dimensional array to organize the questions to be asked and the answers derived concerning component bits of the social interaction where tardation happens. I’m gonna mix pseudo code with text, we’re in the declarations section of writing a program. I’m not asking anyone else to keep track of this, it’s for my thoughts, but what the whale, it won’t hurt to share/show how my thoughts are organized.

Option Base 1 //(for them anal enough to ping a technicality later)
Dim Human As Variant // human can be anything
Human = Array() // A dynamic array, wide open at this point.
// no shape yet, no dimensions, just “heads up computer, it’s coming your way.”

I’m not the first to say it, not by a long shot, but I’ve repeated it more than once elsewhere because it makes sense to me that all things that are both mortal and alive will share these three needs in common: the need for sustenance, security, and procreation. Pretty much everything in life will load back to one or the other of these three primal needs. So I’m going to define the first dimension as things serving the cause of one of the Big 3. (I’m gonna tag on a couple of undefined slots, they don’t cost much while they’re empty, just to have some spares in case something else comes into view that really should play at a primal level.)

ReDim Human = Array(5)
//2=sustenance; 3=security; 4=procreation; 1 and 5 open/null.

Ok, that was easy enough, but it’s time to go to work for real now because hanging down from each of the big three is that list of questions I was talking about, the ones that will be applied to each and every thought put into the machine. These are the engine of the beast. You build an engine to match the load you want it to pull for you. So just exactly what is this engine supposed to do? It’s supposed to illuminate the hidden ways Tardation was inflicted on the American people.

So tell me again, what exactly is that definition of Tardation? Tardation is a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady, essentially an addictive state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim. 

In other words, Tardation is how you produce the most disgusting and dangerous of the political spectrums: the snitches and the sneaks, the spies and informants, eventually the Brown shirts and Fingermen who physically enforce tyranny on their countrymen. The mechanisms of Tardation are the line of supply feeding monsters into the service of the political.

So the current objective is to figure out how you deform the psychology of an innocent infant to the point that by the time that infant is thirty years old it will be firmly convinced that it is doing God’s will to betray, torture, and murder his fellow human beings in the name of the political cause that provides the antidote to his addiction. And, of course, having figured out how to do it make damn sure and certain that it doesn’t happen. That’s how these studies work… first you figure out how to make it happen, and from that figure out how to make sure it can’t happen.

What kind of things play deep enough in a human life to facilitate a state of Tardation? Corrupt religion (#2, security, emotional)? Deformed sexuality? Deformed sexuality concealed? (#3, procreation // #3->#2, procreation vs security)? These are the sorts of things that will have to be sorted and ordered into the next dimension of the array. I’ll leave you to make your lists, I’ll make mine, maybe we can compare lists next time.

Later gang.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

(repost) Momma Puritan and the Capitalists

This is a repost of a comment made on "What We Saw Today", the excellent blog of Unbearable Lightness, where she was speaking to the unholy marriage of Capitalism and the modern descendants of Puritanism to be seen in today's culture, particularly in the dangerously misdirected activities of the conservative religious right. What is below is a best guess explanation on my part for the momentum to be observed in our nation and culture. It was originally published in April of 2011, it has been bumped to the top for those facebookers who find this blog wondering who in the hell I am.

***   ***   ***

A point to ponder indeed! The fate of our culture is solidly immersed in those almost-rational beliefs. I say almost because in this, as in so many matters of mental (illness?), the subscribers are perfectly rational if you accept the original delusions that motivate them. This is well known to any psychologist, any dreamweaver or seductress, anyone who earns their livelihood in a trade where the raw material is people. What is not given much voice is the very powerful idea that the sane need not accept those illusions and delusions as the ultimate motive for the reality observed. With nothing but the faith of a heretic for support I'll assert this to you: the irrational motive does not breed true, if what appears irrational has endured for many generations then the irrational is not the motive, the irrational is the socially approved and acceptable icon of an ongoing motive to painful or conflicted to be acknowledged in daily life.

The marriage of Materialism and Puritanism is an old marriage, they've been together for a long time. I say materialism rather than capitalism to a purpose, they are not the same thing. Materialism was Puritanism's first mate, capitalism as such really did not exist when that union was joined. I will equally assert to you that Capitalism as it is known today, the concept of the corporation, public ownership by way of the markets, is in fact the child of that union, conceived in an attempt to further mitigate the original and still active motive for the marriage.

Capitalism was the great hope of its' parents, and in many ways it has lived up to that hope, but the structure of contemporary Capitalism includes a hidden flaw so lethal that I am convinced it even destroyed Ayn Rand when she perceived it, she who is/was Capitalism's greatest advocate. This flaw is the motive for the current (and indeed often just as incestuous as it appears) affair between Puritanism and Capitalism, the threat driving the ill-fated and desperate mobilization of their resources in the alliance of the conservative religious right. To illuminate a reason for these observed facts requires the use of a comparison to set the stage, please, hear me out.

Ultimately a society lives or dies on the degree of ethics in the morality practiced within that society. I give you that from that perspective these two events are identical: the year is 1795 and a man goes to Savannah to buy himself a slave to work his farm; and, the year is 2005 when his direct descendent goes to his stock broker to buy 1/10,000th of a ten thousand man corporation. What both men have purchased is the surplus productivity of another human, the ultimately unethical ownership of another man's accomplishments, and both men have imbibed exactly the same poison. The mechanism of the poison they imbibed is the covert evil of slavery, the evil that has laid low every slave holding society known to history.

Note Well From History: it is not the slave who becomes weaker, degenerate and debauched, it is the masters who suffer those reductions generation after generation until the society collapses.

In essence, Capitalism has run home to Momma Puritan, hoping her discipline and restraints can reverse the effects of that poison, hoping her influence will allow them to endure and survive where no others afflicted by that covert evil of slavery ever have. The overt evil of slavery has been greatly diminished, eliminated from many cultures and yet the covert evil persists and is even today the driving cause for a great deal of what is seen. There is a way to save Capitalism, to keep all of the good things it has done and eliminate the toxicity, but it doesn't involve God or the church, it involves some changes to the laws of inheritance. But that's a different rant entirely, and not one I'd bring up in a conservative caucus unless I was feeling suicidal and didn't want to pull the trigger myself.