Thursday, April 27, 2017

(repost) Momma Puritan and the Capitalists

This is a repost of a comment made on "What We Saw Today", the excellent blog of Unbearable Lightness, where she was speaking to the unholy marriage of Capitalism and the modern descendants of Puritanism to be seen in today's culture, particularly in the dangerously misdirected activities of the conservative religious right. What is below is a best guess explanation on my part for the momentum to be observed in our nation and culture. It was originally published in April of 2011, it has been bumped to the top for those facebookers who find this blog wondering who in the hell I am.

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A point to ponder indeed! The fate of our culture is solidly immersed in those almost-rational beliefs. I say almost because in this, as in so many matters of mental (illness?), the subscribers are perfectly rational if you accept the original delusions that motivate them. This is well known to any psychologist, any dreamweaver or seductress, anyone who earns their livelihood in a trade where the raw material is people. What is not given much voice is the very powerful idea that the sane need not accept those illusions and delusions as the ultimate motive for the reality observed. With nothing but the faith of a heretic for support I'll assert this to you: the irrational motive does not breed true, if what appears irrational has endured for many generations then the irrational is not the motive, the irrational is the socially approved and acceptable icon of an ongoing motive to painful or conflicted to be acknowledged in daily life.

The marriage of Materialism and Puritanism is an old marriage, they've been together for a long time. I say materialism rather than capitalism to a purpose, they are not the same thing. Materialism was Puritanism's first mate, capitalism as such really did not exist when that union was joined. I will equally assert to you that Capitalism as it is known today, the concept of the corporation, public ownership by way of the markets, is in fact the child of that union, conceived in an attempt to further mitigate the original and still active motive for the marriage.

Capitalism was the great hope of its' parents, and in many ways it has lived up to that hope, but the structure of contemporary Capitalism includes a hidden flaw so lethal that I am convinced it even destroyed Ayn Rand when she perceived it, she who is/was Capitalism's greatest advocate. This flaw is the motive for the current (and indeed often just as incestuous as it appears) affair between Puritanism and Capitalism, the threat driving the ill-fated and desperate mobilization of their resources in the alliance of the conservative religious right. To illuminate a reason for these observed facts requires the use of a comparison to set the stage, please, hear me out.

Ultimately a society lives or dies on the degree of ethics in the morality practiced within that society. I give you that from that perspective these two events are identical: the year is 1795 and a man goes to Savannah to buy himself a slave to work his farm; and, the year is 2005 when his direct descendent goes to his stock broker to buy 1/10,000th of a ten thousand man corporation. What both men have purchased is the surplus productivity of another human, the ultimately unethical ownership of another man's accomplishments, and both men have imbibed exactly the same poison. The mechanism of the poison they imbibed is the covert evil of slavery, the evil that has laid low every slave holding society known to history.

Note Well From History: it is not the slave who becomes weaker, degenerate and debauched, it is the masters who suffer those reductions generation after generation until the society collapses.

In essence, Capitalism has run home to Momma Puritan, hoping her discipline and restraints can reverse the effects of that poison, hoping her influence will allow them to endure and survive where no others afflicted by that covert evil of slavery ever have. The overt evil of slavery has been greatly diminished, eliminated from many cultures and yet the covert evil persists and is even today the driving cause for a great deal of what is seen. There is a way to save Capitalism, to keep all of the good things it has done and eliminate the toxicity, but it doesn't involve God or the church, it involves some changes to the laws of inheritance. But that's a different rant entirely, and not one I'd bring up in a conservative caucus unless I was feeling suicidal and didn't want to pull the trigger myself.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Of Mouse and Eagle...

( this little ditty from a few years back, a tasty tidbit overlooked in the archives)

It was a favorite poster of my childhood, the hopelessly overmatched little mouse flipping off the bird of prey about to make a meal of him.  And the title was, of course, defiance. 

A few years later came a second edition, also dear to my heart.  Again the bird of prey with talons outstretched, and again the little mouse with his middle finger extended.  But this time the mouse's other hand is concealed behind his back holding a chrome automag, the pistol of all pistols.  Never mind such a weapon would outweigh the little mouse a hundred to one, or that the recoil would convert the tiny hero to strawberry jam… setting all this aside our mouse among mice has determined to stand his ground and with his final act make sure that damnable bird doesn't make it home either.  Defiance, second generation.

It has been many years since I have seen my mousy heroes.  But I see their philosophical offspring every day in the news, and I wonder what manner of mouse is preparing to take the field next in defense of a few crumbs and seeds for his offspring.  It is a pressing subject as I watch fate thrust so many back into the role of struggling for simple survival in a world dominated by the eagle's arrogant mass consumption.   

Mice do not eat meat, but they become meat to those who do. What hope has the mouse, forever certain of his place in a food chain where he is always the provider?  And those who eat meat consider this proper, and why should they not?  They were raised from hatchlings to know they are the elite, predators, the highest order of existence.  Just ask them.  The eagle knows no fear, no want.  There has never been a shortage of mice and rabbits and doves for it to eat.  But for the mouse there is never a shortage of threats:  the cat, the eagle, the snake, they are all about, silent, deadly, harboring an implacable and unexplained hatred for all creatures who do no belong to their kind.  The mouse suffers and survives only by stealth and procreation, litter after litter enduring poverty and fear hoping two from every litter of ten will live long enough to breed and continue the species. It is a rough world for the mouse.

The callous dismiss this as the balance of nature, and turn away.  They do not, they dare not, they cannot tolerate what emerges when these symbols are applied to the societies of the world… the results are terrifying beyond their courage to face.

It is, of course, the mouse with the pistol of whom I speak.  He was institution raised on dreams of dignity, he has struggled all his life to become smarter and stronger (for a mouse) in the hope of winning that prize of prizes.  For him it is such a shattering revelation to realize what he dreamed served no purpose beyond inducing him to become a tastier meal for the eagles of his world.  It is his despair that has driven the mouse to take arms, causes him to ignore the fact his weapon will be just as lethal to he himself.  C'mon, who ever heard of a mouse who could defend himself, wield any pistol, much less a magnum?  Ridiculous. 

But like all stories there is another side.  With the mouse's first and last shot for the first time death invaded the eagles world as it has always been known to the mouse.  He was just picking up a mouse to feed  to the chicks, and bang, he was killed.  Unforgivable.  No eagle should know fear, give second thought to his own safety when he hunts… it is his birthright to harvest without concern.  The eagles numbers are diminished by one, but far worse the innocence of the eagles consummate arrogance has been destroyed.

Does this little parable sound familiar?  It should.  It is how the United States has been behaving ever since the attack of  9/11, acting like eagles who have suddenly learned the hard way even a mouse can now do the mighty eagle mortal harm.  The eagles, of course, take little solace in the fact our mousy gunner was indeed turned into strawberry jam by the recoil, after all, he was only a mouse, and they don't count.

I must challenge you now: look at the news for a week or two and count how many mice are mentioned.  Some are groups, others individuals, some are nations, but all share in the mouse's world.  They all live in fear, and they all feel preyed on by creatures whose very existence is predicated on inflicting the suffering the mouse and his kindred have endured for time beyond memory.  Events say far to many feel a dignified death in battle a better choice than a life without even the hope of dignity in the eyes of the world.

Our world is full of eagles and mice, divided out not by religion or race or gender, no, the dividing line is the self righteous attitude all things are allowed the predator, the bloody heritage of one of histories great lies, the lie that might makes right, that war can make peace… a lie newly found by the mice.

Ours is a much smaller world than it was, and the very things that caused it to shrink have brought weapons capable of terrible destruction within the reach of even the smallest. The forces of science and technology have shifted the balances.  The eagle would do well to learn respect for this fact,  for victory on the field of battle can only assure him famine, the mouse has no such constraint. The eagle would do well to learn compassion as well, for when the competition is in endurance the mouse has the advantage, his culture has been honed by millennium of evolution to the task of surviving massive loss of life and continuing on.

Eagles, beware, for if you do not heed this lesson it will be the vultures who take your place.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Q, Q and A…

The acronym of the title stands for Quote, Question and Answer. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trolling the trolls so to speak, haunting the offerings of a professionally run page on Farcebook. The page is called “Intellectual Takeout” and it is a conservative page sponsored by the Rand Group. They were honest about themselves when I asked, the honesty a fair indicator of honorable intentions. That I often disagree with their implied conclusions does not detract from their right to present them, and they present them well. Nor are they devoid of points I agree with, being Pragmatic Idealist I stand with a foot in both camps. Such is the nature of true democracy at work.

None of which is to say they’re not a propaganda page, they are, and a high end good one. They know what they’re doing, but then again, since I also know what they’re doing this isn’t a problem for me. Genuine high end propaganda will present at minimum five to ten obscure truths to put a foundation (of misunderstanding) beneath any false  assertion of strategic importance. I’m quite willing to mount the minor effort of filtering out the assertion of strategic import in exchange for those obscure truths, many of which are really only available from those who engineered them into reality in the first place *Spock-ish eyebrow, sidesaddle smirk*.

One of their staff presented a post based on the writings of the German philosopher Nietzsche, using the fact that Nietzsche’s definition of “Liberal” is the exact opposite of the definition the majority of their audience has been preprogrammed to apply to that word, twisting that old lie to torque and  over-torque the bolts holding the prison bars of their bigotries to floor of the CNF agendas. (and anyone who’s ever bolted down a set of heads knows that when you over torque a bolt it becomes progressively weaker until eventually it snaps… hence, my motive to hand them the cheater bar ;-).

Anyway and anyhow, that’s what I’ve been up to when not working on the antiPorn story The Care and Feeding of Unicorns or the first full Sundown novel All the Colors in the Box, or setting up the job of building a mighty mouse of an engine to go in the old VW van that’s been a closet on wheels for thirty years so he can go back to fetching the groceries home from the store… or being a mobile motel room for some long overdue travels.

What is below is the quote presented, the question asked of course “is this what’s happening to America?” and below that my response. Just for an example of what I’ve been talking about.

“The value of a thing sometimes does not lie in that which one attains by it, but in what one pays for it — what it costs us. I shall give an example. Liberal institutions cease to be liberal as soon as they are attained: later on, there are no worse and no more thorough injurers of freedom than liberal institutions. Their effects are known well enough: they undermine the will to power; they level mountain and valley, and call that morality; they make men small, cowardly, and hedonistic — every time it is the herd animal that triumphs with them. Liberalism: in other words, herd-animalization.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
Twilight of the Idols

Ordinarily Nietzsche and I tend to fence a bit, sometimes with the buttons on, other times not, but in this I would tend to agree with him although I feel the quote presented overlooked the most critical component of such a thought, the one that establishes the context from which it is most easily demonstrated a truth.

I would posit that what he spoke of was the price associated to having a motive of one's own choosing, the noble cause, the grand quest. Such a motive self chosen is the deepest essence of freedom. Of all things that elevate the human above the animal it is the sense of a purpose larger than the self, a reason to justify the effort, a reason for all other reasons. Stripped of such motive? Yes, the human tends to degrade as being purposeless morphs into life made meaningless.

Sadly, human history demonstrates that various forms of conflict external to the self are the most common template of motive, they are the most easily understood from the immature perspectives common to that age and stage of life when people are most likely to be searching for such a motive. To adopt a conflict as the essence of a motive then becomes the most futile and self defeating of things for victory in the conflict destroys the larger portion of the value involved... the motive dies with the victory but the habits of war and strife do not. Doubt this? Look long and hard at the world between WW2 and now.

The habits of war die harder than any enemy, and the habits of war can only breed more war causing equal if not greater harm than the original enemy might have. The United States of America is, in my opinion, teetering over the edge of self destructing to this fact. All the forms of hedonism to ever color the dreams of Bacchus become pale outriders to the debaucheries introduced by the habits of war seeking a reason to remain in power.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

We'll never know for sure...

Goodly mother shares two men...
Father, son, ne'er love rescind.
Mia, if by some chance this image comes before your eyes? Look up the name, it's really the highest of compliments.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Dream Police and The Case of the 5lb Line...

==originally published Jan 2015==

I stand accused in the court of my conscience.  The crime?  Social profiling dishonorable motive.  The scene of the crime?  My favorite little greasy spoon diner, of course.  The particulars of the accusation?  Two kids, out of the bar early looking for a bite to eat before going on to what ever was to become of their evening, of their obviously evolving relationship, and the assumptions and assignments their conversation (carrying clearly across the quiet of a slow to dead point in the evening’s traffic) inspired in yours truly.

Both kids were college students of course.  The lad, by his words, on the edge of graduating with a technical degree of some sort in aeronautics, he spoke of taking a job as a ferry pilot taking aircraft in for maintenance work.  The lass really didn’t reveal her course of study, of her all I have is observation.

They spoke quite formally, really, very polite exchanges of well crafted sentences dealing with events relating to their lives on campus, nothing out of the ordinary at all.  In point of fact it was the very structure of their conversation attracted my attention to them, otherwise I’d have paid them little mind, left my assessment at a first impression: just a couple who’d found each other early in the evening and agreed to adjourn for more private recreations, the only point of interest a slightly voyeuristic chuckle at the difference in their statures: he rather tall, slender, refined in the manner of Scandinavian nobility with exceptionally long fingers, she an attractive and very petite lass of oriental heritage, my first thought concerning them was actually a quite benign hope they’d find a bit of genuine delight in each other as described in David Bowie’s song “China Girl.”  She seemed the sort of woman to fit the devotion expressed in the song, the kind where you just know if she takes it into her head to take a boy’s mind off his worries for an evening she knows exactly  how to go about such a mission of mercy.

If I’d left it there I’d not be where I am, standing in the dock of my own thoughts, but I didn’t.  As their conversation continued on phrase after phrase popped flags from the typical Republican political spiels, the unmistakable markers of the conservative elite, and it was the lad offering them. The lass would echo each he offered almost verbatim several exchanges deeper into the conversation, but never offered one in her own right.  She said several things quite in keeping with them, but never in the exact wording of the propaganda masters.  It got so dense I was entertaining the idea what I witnessed was a lad determined to rise through the political ranks of the Young Republicans using the lass as an audience to practice for the campaign trail.  If that was his intent I’d give him good marks, he had them well memorized, played them at appropriate points.

And yet, there was no evidence to indicate the lad was anything but sincere in his statements.  Ample evidence to indicate he was more than a bit frightened of his companion’s well refined sexuality (I’m not sure he was even aware that he was humming, in a quite pleasant voice, what I think were church hymns every time the conversation would cross the man-woman interface, any time she’d try and dial on even a bit of feminine allure as a complement), but nothing to indicate he was anything but sincere in his goals and ambitions, his values and his ethics.  

It is an impeachment of my objectivity as a pragmatic idealist that I’ve allowed the dishonorable methods and motives of the hypocritical and essentially traitorous Bain-AIG-Halliburton-Enron camp to become the default assumption of motive where a traditional-conservative individual  is concerned. 

Enter the above as exhibit A in the prosecutions case: gross cynicism inspired by  what was, at one time, the American dream being expressed in a social setting. 

Not an acceptable thing, but still, where it might have gotten me noticed by the dream police it wouldn’t have been likely to have gotten me indicted.  What got me indicted was my after the fact speculations concerning the lass.

Every university is host and home to some number of them, the women who attend with an mrs degree her prime and quite undeclared major. She studies hoping she’ll never need to earn her living with what she’s learned. Such women are not as common now as they once were, but they still exist in sufficient numbers to maintain the stereotype as an active subset of current society.  The stereotype is, of course, most often applicable to women where the conventions of her culture specify she is to dedicate her life to being homemaker and mother, her livelihood provided by her mate, her education a resource to enhance and enrich the lives of her children.

Such is an honorable intent, no rational fault to be found with it, certainly not enough fault to justify the venom directed at those who choose such a life by the bitter and jaded-jealous elements of the liberal world who attack the very concept as their morning litany.  Still though, it is true that such women really are predators after a fashion, hunting as they do for a man who truly embraces and internalizes the same code and convention to be her mate; and, it is equally true that such women (and men) are commonly the more if not most conservative of people. 

It was reflecting on my speculations concerning the lass in question that brought about the indictment of conscience.   If it should please the court then enter into evidence what follows as prosecution exhibit B.

The corrosion and erosion of the American ethic has, over say the last seventy five years, produced a subset of peoples who to casual observation in the short run will present the same demeanor as the family oriented conservative people mentioned above.  They will use all the same rhetoric, present themselves in the same manners and yet in objective fact carry agendas anything but family oriented, they who are the bread and butter mainstays of the industries of divorce, they who made necessary the instrument of a prenuptial agreement.   

These people are some of the most absolutely predatory of individuals to be found, and they like their opposites hunting the liberal worlds of the alternate lifestyles are in fact sexual  predators.  Since the instinct to procreation is universal it should be no great surprise that every facet of society will be home to a subset of predators who base their attack on that segment of society's unique deformities of this most primal of instincts, nor should it be a surprise these predators will adopt the closest approximation possible to the appearance of wholesomeness within any given social environment.

In my world the apogee of such predators are assumed (perhaps justly, perhaps not) to be most commonly found on campus living in the Greek houses, the campus’ self appointed elite, members of a fraternity or sorority.  As a matter of course quite a number of derogatory names have been devised to describe such individuals*, and equally of course those innocent of such ignoble motives are often victims of the disdain intended for those not so innocent, an ongoing case of unjustified guilt by accidental association.

That’s what I did to the lass in question, allowed that assumption to take the stage before any other, and that was wrong of me.  She’ll never know it, but I do.  My first thought, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, was to try and assign her a *Sorostitute, the most vile of predators working the conservative side of the equation.  I was actually arguing, in my thoughts, the idea that she was simply a higher class call girl entertaining a client as the more positive of the possibilities, a most distinct secret injustice inflicted upon a perfect stranger.

Like I said earlier, she really was a fine and foxy creature, clearly intelligent, attractive, sensual and seductive.  Equally the evidence of her behavior towards a lad obviously uncomfortable, frightened, of her unabashed femininity showed her to be a rather gentle creature really, she could have hammered him into stuttering silence at many points, but she didn’t.  In spite of all evidence to the contrary my conclusion was she had herself a twenty pound man hooked on five pound test, and with total sarcastic cynicism for my attitude I was wondering if she’d play him out and reel him in, or if he’d manage to break free and flee before being harvested. 

Mea culpa, guilty as charged.  The negative assumptions had control of my thoughts from so many different directions as to almost close away the rational, the real and leave me a peripheral agent of the very evil I was assigning to another.  Got to do better than that in the future if I’m going to do any good for anyone, including me.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Service Pack 1...

NOW that the hyper emotional propaganda based "repeal" nonsense has failed against the ramparts of democracy America can get down to doing what needs to be done... begin the refinement of the ACA to make it do what needs done for the American People. I implore all who might read this to push this thought to your representatives of either party: now, in full transparent democracy, set about refining the system with carefully considered amendments to establish truly world class health care for the nation.  Nothing of such complexity as a national health care plan comes out of the box ready to run, nothing does. That it ran at all is a testament to the vision of those who wrote the original. Now that the flaws have been seen it is time for the next stage... the tinker and tune stage to find the optimum way for it to run. The ball is in your court, Mr. Ryan. The nation is counting on you.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Concerning Tardation…

The word “tardation” is, of course, a shortening of  the word “retardation,”  a state of diminished abilities where said abnormality was induced by some element not native to the entity or individual in question. In modern usage it is often found in several forms as a derogatory suffix attached to some other word.

Tardation is a manufactured commodity,
it is not a naturally occurring state of life. 
The conservative politicos of the United States were the first I saw use such a suffix, for a time they were quite fond of teasing those of an opposing orientation by calling them Lib-tards, their implication obvious: in their world holding a progressive stance on matters political meant you’re a deformed caricature of a person unworthy of any respect at all. Of course it never seemed to bother them their targeted insult was equally a cruel mockery of those for whom fate set a simple life a challenge, but go figure. The radical right has never been known for any great degree of human sensitivity. Still, when they created the one term they equally created an inverse: if there are those where “Libtard” is a valid description then there’s equally a set to be called “Contarded.”  It is to the mechanisms of Tardation I wish to speak, because beneath the childish cruelty of such partisan labels I smell a most deliberate and vicious of international rats.

Where the terms are derogatory and callous they do sad justice to describing ever enlarging segments of our society. I will assert those segments are where a deformed, innacurate and irrational political belief has been deliberately introduced as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology,  and this to allow the dishonorable and the tyrannical to short circuit the functions of democracy and assume defacto control by bartering the antidote to the illness in return for votes come election time.

To put it in a nutshell I’ll assert what I’m calling “tardation” is the commercial wholesale form of what the psychologists will call the  enabler scenario with a political belief taking the place of another individual whose presence enables a toxic contradiction to afflict the life and times of those inducted into, or associated with, those deceived by the mechanisms of tardation.

In my reconnaissance of the Facebook world I realized the commercially funded and peer approval based mechanisms of the social media are all but optimized to install and support tardation.  I do not know if this was accidental or with malice aforethought, but with all things considered I can find little reason to doubt the social media are in fact a prime contagion vector of this affliction, and the primary maintenance mechanism of this set of afflictions which is so easily exploited by dishonorable power brokers working to subvert the foundations of democracy.

To speak to the specifics of tardation, how it was implemented on this group or some other is a rather large subject that must be considered on a group by group basis, it is a subject beyond the scope of one essay. In posts to come I’ll be addressing what I’ve perceived of it, and identifying such posts with the word “Tardation of:” in the title.

This subject will most definitely be continued. Semper Fi.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rubber on the Road... or, how to save the world...

Any who have followed my writings know how much power I think is actually tied up in the dreams people carry, the dreams they use to motivate and power their lives. When it comes to public dreams, the ones everyone can see in operation there is one group of people who make a profession of weaving those dreams, influencing the dreams a great many people hold on to as the thing they hope for, look forward to. The group I'm speaking of are those who write and produce the advertising that sponsors the entertainments to fill all those idle hours civilization has bought for us. They, more than any other single group, set and define what the world has for dreams, at least the kind you're likely to talk to your buddy about. So, I would propose that one of the very first steps to doing any good at all is to recruit them into the cause, seeing as how what needs doing really isn't going to hurt their chances of selling someone something anyhow.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In the Beginning...

== brought forward from January of last year, 
just to break up me ranting about the consequences of FB ==

Gates looked out upon the sand and darkness was upon the sand, for the sand was without order and divided grain by grain in great contention.  When Gates perceived the chaos his thought was troubled for the sand reached high, yea, even unto the walls of heaven did the sand reach.  So Gates caused the Angel of Validation to go out upon the sand that NULL become NOT, AND when NULL was NOT peace fell upon the sand, for the sand did fall away from contention in great streams of choice, yea verily did the sand divide itself according to OR AND XOR each grain according to its’ nature that it might RETURN to GATES the harmony of His thought.  Gates looked out upon what had been wrought, and Gates saw that IT was good.

First Chip of Apple, #000000010

That is no sarcastic attempt at blasphemy, no it is not, for so might someone’s scriptures begin, somewhere deep into our future when the full truth has condensed into legend.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Playing with Fire… in a Dynamite factory

An interesting statistic crossed my sight the other day. It turns out roughly half of all Americans are Facebook users. I have never heard of any other single media source to  achieve such a massive following. The “Googleplex” no doubt exceeds it on total throughput, but the googleplex is a thing of distributed and dispersed functions, no single point accessed through the googleplex really rivals the social media giant. The sum of its’ competitors might rival it from time to time on some specific event, but on a consistent day to day basis the mechanisms of Facebook are without peer and without precedent in terms of a single point of social influence.

In the realms of social psychology Facebook is on uncharted terrain, and the facts of modern history show the terrain it is on is exceedingly unstable, volatile, in point of fact potentially quite explosive. Many, many things are now seen that have never been seen before, many things that had been seen as minor things, perhaps of legitimate concern within their scope but still minor in comparison to the full society, have been exaggerated to seem of such importance as to over shadow what is in fact critical to survival.

Call it fifteen years since the onset of the social media phenomenon, make it four generations of “social media” evolution to arrive at the modern Facebook and company. Across that same fifteen year run it cannot be denied that society has crystallized, polarized, and is at this point hanging over the edge of violent civil war, a war that does not even really have an ideology associated. On second thoughts? No, war is not the correct word. With no clear ideology associated what is seen in today’s news can’t really even be called a war, it’s much closer to a society on the edge of committing suicide.

I do not believe that these two facts are a coincidence of history, I hold that these two facts are linked, that the rise of the former is the cause of the latter. The mechanisms of the influence are hardly defined, of course they are not defined. Even the most casual glance across history indicates the Social Media are a brand new phenomenon. There has never been a single point driver to compare to Facebook and company, there has been no time for the society to actually understand the full consequences of how its’ own psychology will fare in such an environment of massively interconnected emotional transfer.

The facts of modern history make it a very, very open question: Can society remain sane in the face of the exponentially expanded environment of the social media machines? Will society remain sane, and survive as human, or will it collapse into history leaving behind only biological manifestations of the machine intelligence which destroyed it? After six months of observing the operation of Facebook that is the question I find myself facing. What is the nature of the dynamic Facebook has introduced into the human condition, and is it possible for humanity to survive with any fidelity of self in the mutated emotional environment those mechanisms have created?

As always, more to come if I don’t get shot first for daring to challenge Agent Smith.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mission Improbable…

The Eyes of Takiea...
what was fiction is fiction no more.
Six months ago I took advantage of a situation I did not create to investigate the social media giant Facebook and in lesser degree it’s main competitor Twitter. The focus of the reconnaissance was not the people utilizing the media giants, the minor events and major drama passing across, but rather the responses of the robotically managed environments to what they (the robotic intelligences crafted into the structure itself) perceived of what the humans presented to them. My motivation? Call it a morbid curiosity concerning the unnaturally polarized nature of the current political scene.

The circumstance precipitating the recon began with the agent of the publishing house that published my first compilation of fiction, in concert with the person who agreed to work as a publicist for a percentage of any net profits, insisting that I had to have a presence on the social medias to sell any books. Their erroneous assumption was that I did not already have such accounts because I was simply frightened of the technology involved, an error I did not correct. At their urging I grudgingly agreed to allow the creation of a FB account in my pen name, which was done… an email account in that name and then a FB profile. It is my understanding it was that email account my publicist then used that to establish a presence on Twitter.

That the initial data recorded at creation for neither account would trace back to my machine or my ISP address was the enabling factor of my strategy. I worked from the assumption the new account (mine) would initially carry the personality profile indexes established for the accounts already associated to the address logged at creation. In short, I went in under the shallow cover of the robotic intelligences (let’s call him Agent Smith, just for a convenient handle) assuming it would see from the new account pretty much what it had seen from much older accounts tagged to those ISP/MAC id’s.

The tools of my investigation were crude and simplistic. They were anything but scientific. In point of fact they were the exact opposite: my knowledge of my own internal psychological makeup, and a very old (powerful in it’s day, competent now) PC oft modified over the years and an obsolete operating system. The PC was loaded in such a manner as to encourage short system hangs when being worked hard, those short system hangs when the image on the monitors would freeze for between half a second and two seconds while the operating system dealt with the difficulties I had deliberately arranged: two monitors of different size, the second and smaller requiring a custom resolution setting. The browser open on the main monitor and just the edge of its’ window moved over onto the second and smaller monitor resulted in an undefined region in the video matrix in the driver software, that undefined region what the machine was compelled to accommodate whenever the window was scrolled, that accommodation the cause of the short system hangs… a most primitive trapping tactic to intercept anything presented subliminally. That I caught what I did from no more of a trap than that indicates a frighteningly deep saturation of subliminal “advertising” on Facebook.

Beyond the ethically very questionable presence of subliminal “advertising” there was also an intense scrutiny on any facet where any commercial or governmental algorithm might be active acting as a filter mechanism for what came before a users’ eyes. In all truth that scrutiny produced more than a few chuckles, three weeks in the bots were totally confused about me, and feuding one with another as to how to handle me. On one instance the chumchum boxes along the side were presenting me these options: Modern Communism (complete to a red hammer and sickle logo), “The Modern Socialist”, and the one that cracked me up, the one with a picture of Old Glory and the caption “God, Guns, Guts and Glory.” Yes, all in the same frame. Those three selections were direct one to one to the content of comments I’d left on other people’s posts the day before. The idea that Agent Smith does not read and interpret every word input into his  system evaporated at that point.

Of course I did absolutely nothing to make Agent Smith’s job easier. I never so much as hovered my mouse over any suspect element, certainly never followed any link machine presented, the “suggested posts” were only scrutinized in relation to my words directed to another being human in the past 48 hours. I initialized the account with nine “friends” during the first week (chosen to represent the widest spectrum of society conveniently available from the folks I knew world of real life who had been active on FB for many years), I only accepted two friend requests in six months, and politely declined several by way of the messaging function, in each case citing some element of personal preference for a reason (I’m not gay, I’m not inclined to violence as a first response, no, I’m not interested in a Russian bride… my muse is a Ukrainian woman and already married) and watching what Agent Smith and his baby bots, the chumchum stuffers, presented to me afterwards. The correlation between those conversations and what was presented was beyond coincidence, Agent Smith monitors the messaging functions with due diligence and an even greater degree of subtlety in his responses. I say this with the intent of full warning: there is no privacy on Facebook.  Not from the machine itself.

At about the five month mark it was becoming obvious I’d passed some boundary, the advertising became what you’d see on TV, no connections, few correlations: Agent Smith was running me in “ABC” mode knowing I was watching HIM just like he was watching me. At the six month mark (a few days ago) I called the mission off, said goodbye, and began to sort and order my thoughts on what I’d learned both by the events observed and the psychological pressures I endured that were not explainable by any element of my own inner self. The account is still active, since I did not create it I can’t deactivate it, it is being used as an access point into several debate forums on current events, I am participating in those and marking all things observed in the interlinking universe of the social media (FB, Utube, DevArt, etc et al) for correlations to the subjects discussed. The most notable evidence of those communications is which of the many posts put up by the pages in question are presented first on my “wall” or home page for me to respond to. As is SOP for the mission I’m not giving Agent Smith much to work with.

In posts to come I’ll speak to individual events observed and present my analysis of the potentials and intents of what was observed, but for now let it stand that I consider the social media, any and all of it,  to be a clear and present danger to the functions of Democracy, and an ongoing hazard to the mental freedom and well being of all those who place even the tiniest bit of trust in them. I am ever more convinced the circus of the absurd running into the obscene of the political scene is but the tiniest tip of the iceberg created by the social media, and that the situation will do nothing but degrade into utter social chaos and collapse if the situation is not corrected as rapidly as possible.

More to come if I don’t get shot first… or wake up to find this computer and my modem a smoking pile of slag. Catch you later.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Only a bit more verbose...

Yea, ok... the song goes "Goodbye," that's all she wrote. I wrote a little more than that on my final post, and I'm gonna write a bahoompa more than that on the subject of the social media to be published here... but... first things first... them guys need a hot shower, the best damn meal the cooks can scrounge up (and yes, they've got money for black market beef)... and 48 hours in town where it's known there will be very generous favors awarded for treating them well. It was six months behind enemy lines to get boots on the ground intel about that facet of the enemy's operations. Mission made.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Half a hundred...

LaMH_50 The Birth of the Butlerian

Were I now a younger man
...astride the rising flood
Of sentiment set social cue
...contrive'd meme, bovine cudd..
I think that I should dress a blade
...and bless each lethal round
To serve the cause of freedoms cry
Where beings human hold their ground.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Life at My House No. 49... Monster

Now to watch the dangled bait
…and count the barb’ed hooks
Hanging from an agents pole
…assuming fish can cook
Dishes made of glazed white lies
…with steaming flattr’y sauce
Served on plates of permafaux
…sans face in any book.

The recon mission is almost over. 
This one has been interesting, to say the least.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Looking Outside the Hull...

Number 58 in the series... Witch of the Deep.
All true spacers know her.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The Gamer by CDM.MMXI
The Bushites are human, but they not part of any land or people, not anymore.  The Bushites are those whose primary loyalty has shifted away from a nation or a culture to be given to their corporations, to the alliances and confederacies of such corporations. They are the new fascists, the Corporate Neo- Fascist if you will.

They are global, young, raw, feudal, in a word dangerously barbarian beneath polished surfaces.  The Bushites are not a large group by numbers but they are massively wealthy, a brand new power player on the global political scene wielding their control of manufacturing capabilities against the nation-states control of natural resources and manpower.  They are oriental in their thought, educated by the Japanese to plan and plot in terms of decades or generations rather than months and years.  They are wealthy, they are powerful, and they are desperate for a country of their own, a currency and a military to represent their interests.  As a consequence of this ambition they have become a threat to every nation on Earth, the most dangerous thing to afflict planet Earth since Adolph Hitler, the most dangerous threat to their first and most desired conquest, the Constitution of the  United States of America, since the British invasions in the war of 1812.

"The Bushites" are named after the first administration of the United States to become so totally controlled by corporate campaign sponsors as to initiate wars of aggression for the benefit of their sponsors.  Dwight Eisenhower, honorable old soldier that he was, left office with a dire warning of the consequences of an alliance between the military and industrial complexes.  He could not foresee to forewarn against the possibility of the individual corporate entities grown to such size that alliances of such entities would be able to manipulate democracies by plotting and sponsoring carefully timed and choreographed acts of political violence, events designed to make it easy to manipulate the public mindset into allowing truly massive amounts of money to be looted from the world's treasuries to buy "corporate support" for military operations mandated by the conflicts engineered into existence by those same corporations. 

In short, the Bushites own the dog whose tail is known to wag him.  Be aware of them, watch for them, they are a great evil and they are far from defeated.  They will respect no border, no culture, no political orientation. Religion is their pawn, education their puppet.  If it can be used they will use it, ruthlessly, efficiently, and amorally.  If you value freedom it is the Bushites who are the real foe, they who believe to the bottom of their souls that the corporate citizens of the world should be the legal owners and operators of the world's corporeal citizens... which would be you, and me.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

History ala Mode

What is History ala Mode? History ala Mode is a slice of History, with a good size scoop of Psychology… best served warm, with coffee.

Let's start at the end of World War Two, take a look at the world as it was then at the dawn of the atomic age. What are we looking at? Well, the Allies won the war, everyone knows that, but what was really going on back then? What was left once the fighting was over?

The only major industrial nation not physically beat to a pulp was the United States. Germany and Japan were all but destroyed, Great Britain hammered hard, for the second time in fifty years France and Belgium and the Scandinavian countries had had a war run right over the top of them, they weren't in very good shape, the western end of Russia looked worse than Germany. Still though, Russia is a huge country, eleven hours wide, and the war had only gotten to the edges of Moscow so where they'd suffered heavy harm in the west they still had strength left in the east. Pretty much the story as it was, for the industrial nations that had fought in that war, at least if all you're looking at are physical resources.

But history is a great deal more than just the physical things, history is the people of a time, their attitudes, their outlook on life, the things they dream of, the things they fear. The physical is just the terrain, it is those attitudes that write the history.

When you look at the people involved in those times several very important differences are to be seen.

History ala Mode: The Chef's Tale

I am an American, born and bred. I am a patriot, I'm proud of my country, I'm proud of the many good and righteous things my country has done. I am patriot enough to be objective about my country, to look at it honestly and see where it might have done better, because I want my country to do better each time it takes an action, takes a stand for the cause of good and right. To do that you must be objective. So now I'm going to do my best to look at my country the way world did and now does, from time to time I'm going to play their hand for them, move their pieces for them so I can make it obvious how they were thinking, what was planned and maneuvered to bring those plans into reality.

The objective? I'm going to assume the original objective was to neutralize the impact of the United States of America as a dominating power player on the global economic stage, and equally reduce the impact of the United States of America on the world's cultural evolution to be no larger than their percentage of the world's population. For all that the United States has held a dominant position in global politics it really isn't that big in terms of population, some 330 million out of a global population estimated at 6.5 billion. Quick arithmetic: 3.3E8/6.5E9 = .0507, call it five percent for easy numbers, the population of the planet is growing faster than the population of the United States.

Those were the original objectives, of that I'm rather sure. But, and this is a most critical but, the attitudes of the world are not a static thing, no more there than in the United States. Before all was said and done I'm afraid the campaign to back the Americans off, to make them stop being a bully, I'm afraid what the world set in motion to that objective backfired in a manner never seen before, something truly new and acutely dangerous to all nations, a thing that is now working to the endangerment of everyone. But more on that later, for now let's return to the situation as it began unfolding in the '70s.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Norman Rockwell's Nightmare

Purvies Playground by CDM.MMX

A week or so ago I was in Durango, Colorado.  A beautiful place, really, and yet in the same read the most uncomfortable place I've been in a long time.  The part of town I was exposed to felt like I'd fallen into some sci-fi horror movie, some cross-bred love child sired by say Westworld  onto a dam drawn from the robotically policed underground realm seen in A Boy and his Dog.  Seriously, I kept expecting some ancient old man with hellfire reflected in his eye to stop, turn towards me and ask in a grating whisper simply dripping  with menace  "Are you of... the BODY?"   Ok, so you have to know your original series Star Trek to catch the reference, but still.  The place was spooky, it simply reeked of the illusions and delusions of the insanely uber conservative establishment, that manufactured narcossis of self deception so easily seen as the slave chains holding that quadrant of society to despair, and evil.  I was glad to leave.

(originally published June 2011)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

When Theories Collide...

==originally published 6/26/14===

I may well be full on full bore crazy.  If I’m not then there’s some heavy, heavy things in play that will define the future of the human race for the foreseeable future.  Nope, no bullshit, the rosebushes are going to have to scrounge for dinner, I’m serious.  Please, please read what follows with an open mind, this thought needs to get out there.

The first of the two theories began a few years back believe it or not from talking with some ladies who shared a few things in common.  These women were all full mature, fifty plus, they were all mothers, and they were all veterans of, if not living in, lesbian relationships after having raised their children and buried the man of their life.  These were not aging porno stars, nor were they man haters, they were simply good women who towards the end of their lives shared their life with another woman of like kind.  They were interesting company, theirs’ an interesting perspective on the world.

Among the things I was allowed privy to at one point was a facet of their love lives they were discussing, a unique state of being they chose to call “the erotic core.”  All of the ladies were educated, several professional writers, and yet they still struggled to find words to describe what they seemed to agree was a common phenomenon in their lives related to, triggered by, and yet quite possibly transcending the sexual.  After listening for a while I volunteered that the closest thing I’d ever heard to what they were discussing were efforts by women to describe the mother-child bond of early infancy when the little one’s life was still totally interlinked with and supported by momma.  I put forth the theory ( full expecting to get some textual equivalent of that look that means “just how could you  possibly have a clue?”) that perhaps what they were experiencing was some psychic or spiritual mechanism of that bonding function reawakened by the tenderness they carried for their lover/companion expressed in the intense and yet essentially lust-less (from a social perspective, equally, from a reproductive perspective) sensuality they shared between them.  But I didn’t, what I got back was a fully considered “that almost makes sense.”

Saturday, January 7, 2017

DIM Human

Human = ARRAY( 6.66^9, 6.66^9, 1)

^^^You can do better than this ^^^ 
an array to hold the number of the beast is (57707,57707,1)

To begin with, let me say this: 

I was asked a question last night, a good question. The question revolved around my attitude towards all things "internet" based. To answer the question I was asked, answer it in full truth, requires I set down the foundation thought which established the environment and the judgment parameters wherein the answer exists.

I, being old and cynical, do not trust ANYTHING that involves something that claims to be free. To say "a beautiful sunset is free" I'll buy into... the sunset is a fact of nature, it will happen with or without someone watching to bestow the title of beauty on the colors in the sky. No human expended any tiny fraction of life‑energy to create a sunset. But when a massive technology that has for decades fully occupied a significant fraction of mankind's better brains and a significant chunk of natural resources is presented to me as "free" my first thought is to say "BULLSHIT."

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Precision Review

Folks, I rode all the way down here to tell you something, and what I rode down here to tell you is I can't count how many folks I've known who get bullied by the name printed in big letters on a page of their calendar, how many poor fools turns white on January first of certain numbered years and don't resume their normal God given color until Hanukah of that same year, how many folks I've met in my wanderings what want to skip over the squares on that calendar where a certain number is printed. Them folks, they set aside entire years, months, days, to be worried people, and people, bein' worried like that just is not a happy way to spend your time, not when there is only just so much time what is given to you.

I mean, I mean ( get that Arlo Guthrie thing going here...)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Grinch's Consolation...

There are those who have a great deal more reason to not like this holiday than you do... cheer up, and have a Merry Christmas. You don't have it half so hard.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Four Decade Down...

The Joke is Asimov in the corner going "what's this 'ficton' bullshit? I'm a scientist and I've never heard of a ficton..." You have to be a fan of Robert Heinlein to fully understand this one.
There is a lot I could say, and nothing that I will say beyond it has been a very, very long time since last I was in this frame of mind.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Capitalism and the Fate of Kings

===originally published 11/2012===

Allow me to illuminate for you the failure point of Capitalism. I am convinced that when Capitalism's greatest advocate Ayn Rand realized this conundrum it destroyed even her, she self destructed in drink and bitterness and despair. A shame, really, she came closer to getting it right than any other, she almost had it, and the final point to be resolved is not at all impossible. It simply requires thinking a bit outside tradition for society to implement a correction that keeps all of capitalism's benefits and dissolves the problem.

Consider if you will that ultimately a society lives or dies on the degree of ethics in the morality practiced within that society. I give you that from an ethical perspective these two events are identical: the year is 1795 and a man goes to Savannah to buy himself a slave to work his farm; and, the year is 2005 when his direct descendent goes to his stock broker to buy 1/10,000th of a ten thousand man corporation. What both men have purchased is the surplus productivity of another human, the ultimately unethical ownership of another man's accomplishments. Both men have imbibed exactly the same poison. The mechanism of the poison they imbibed is the covert evil of slavery, the evil that has in fact been responsible for destroying every slave holding society known to history.

But please note from history, and mark this point well: the society does not fail and fall because it is the slave who becomes weaker, degenerate and debauched, it is the masters who suffer those reductions generation after generation until inevitably the society collapses. Most who hear this argument miss my point, in compassion they focus on the total and complete injustice endured by the slaves even though it is not the slave I'm speaking of. The slave is a man defrauded, his life of no value, his existence reduced to a commodity somewhere between cattle and horsepower. When considering a society as a integral unit any slaves (be it bondage by force of arms or the golden handcuffs of modern capitalism) are of no consequence in and of themselves, they're slaves, they don't decide anything of consequence. A fact of life. Not an ethical state of affairs, but a fact.

No, what I am speaking of is the hidden evil of slavery whose existence is universally denied, the multi-generational miscarriage of the logic upon which capitalism is founded. This evil impacts not on the slave but on the master side of the equation, the masters who do decide things of consequence. This evil is intimated, implied, in the classic saying "poor little rich kid."

But what happens when the poor little rich kid grows up to inherit command of something larger than he is? What happens when the poor little rich kid is called on to make judgments impacting many lives, many fortunes, judgment calls beyond the temper of his experience, beyond the depth of his wisdom? What of the poor little rich kids children? What measure of human will they be, compared to the parents or grandparents whose proven competence compelled such potentials for evil onto his life and the life of his descendents? The fortunes of the wealthy include their slaves, be those slaves literal or the slave-by-proxy of common stock, and those fortunes are inherited even as were the crowns of kingdoms. What kind of track record do the Royals have at maintaining true greatness to sit the throne of a land? One king in three? One in five?

Those who put the poor little rich kid in this unforgiving situation were proven successful and competent people, able to acquire on their own merits matched against all others competing, able to endure the covert evil of slavery without their personality, their ethics and their judgment degrading and failing beneath the burden. They after all were formed, evolved, as a great people before the evil entered their life. Their competence provided to the common man a better life than he could have had without them, their wealth was earned and deserved in the surpluses it provided to all. The grandfather is the man Ayn Rand wrote of, the Hank Rearden's and the Eli Wyatt's. But when the building of the land is a century deep in history it is not the greats who built it who are running it, it is their children and grandchildren where entropy takes its' toll.

I think this is what Ayn Rand realized, that the laws of inheritance would subject Capitalism to the same fate as plagued the kingdoms of old, that soon enough the laws of inheritance and human nature would cause Capitalism, now empowered with the wealth of the world, to deliver humanity back into the same state it had known in the days of the feudal kingdoms. She saw how the example the grandchildren would portray to those not born to such wealth and power would play out, how it would effect the perspective held by the common man: that wealth is not a matter of personal competence (since anyone with eyes and a mind would be able to see the grandchild wasn't that much of a much, just born lucky), but rather that wealth is to own a larger share of your fellow man's abilities than the next guy. She saw how should that attitude became the opinion of the majority the result would be that competence would no longer be measured in terms of productivity and wisdom but rather by parasitic prowess violently demanding to be provided with slaves by whatever name they might be known, exactly as it had been in the days when ignorant brutes ruled by the edge of a sword rather than by wisdom.

But the cure for this is not so very hard, not really. It is actually rather simple, and it draws from another old and well known folk saying, to wit "A fool and his money are soon parted." The solution is to change the laws of inheritance to where the child or the grandchild will inherit the cash value of any stock on the day it's owner passes away, but is prohibited from inheriting the stock itself or reinvesting the cash back into the same industry for one full generation. Let the money test the man, make it law that by court order and under court supervision the inheritor and only the inheritor may invest the inheritance into any other industry of their choosing, but not pass control of the money to a professional investment firm or banker to be handled for them. Let the money test the man.

If they have built themselves into the same caliber human as the source of the money the result will be that the money will be invested with good judgment into several diverse industries that it might continue to grow where opportunity presents, they will continue to prosper as will the health of the economy. But if they are weak or foolish, if they allow themselves to be swayed and manipulated by the predatory and the parasitic then they will be the only ones impacted by their poor judgment, their poor judgment will not have the ability to impact the successful industries from which the wealth was acquired, the most basic properties and characteristics of the parasitic will cause that money to evaporate back into the society by other channels. Likely less savory channels, likely causing damage to the lives it passes through, but still and all it will be just money and will only impact a few lives. It will not have the power to influence the overall health of the economy and the lives of the innocent and the honorable as it did when it was in the form of the slaves-by-proxy which is common stock. Let the money test the man, do not let the money set one human lower than another human who has not proven themselves the superior in fair and open competition. Problem solved.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just a minor observation...

Lady Luck is many things, but an exhibitionist is not one of them. If she's flashing boob she has a reason in mind, and it probably ain't gonna go well for someone...

Monday, December 12, 2016

Double nickel... No. 55

I never post a picture to the internet I didn't find on the internet. 

The days drag on, the nights drag over, and yea... this is about as succinct as I can be. The last few months have been a deep recon on several topics, several of which have produced some very, very interesting thoughts. I'll be sitting to write on them in the near future, but for now my attention is still on the gathering, I'm not quite to the point of putting the thoughts out for public consumption. But no, I'm not dead or in some lock up somewhere, just working at range. In the meanwhile, poem and a photomanip, just by way of touching base.

Clean copy of the image, as it came complete... sized 1920x1080 for wallpaper

Friday, December 2, 2016


==originally published September of 2011===

Now that the Covert Cultural Warfare is approaching a crescendo around the election of Donald the Trump bringing the very people mentioned in this post to the forefront perhaps now is a good time to look at it again...


I was watching television last night. I don't do it often, I don't find it all that entertaining. Oh sure, there's a few box office movies seen before, or a torrid little skin flick based around dysfunctional lovers, perhaps a bit of anime with an attempt at a real plot, these things sandwiched in among the totally inane offerings, the sitcoms and sports. Those things are all right I suppose, there are those who enjoy them.

Where the programming isn't that much of a much there are things seen I really do find quite disturbing, things that speak to how deeply degraded the world has become. I'm not talking about horror movies or crime drama or slasher flicks, those are the domain of the frightened and the juvenile. Those fears are sanctioned, prescribed, acceptable. No, the things that bother me are the ones you're not really supposed to be paying much attention to, the things crafted to sneak into your head like a retro-virus intended to lay dormant until your life tries to evolve before they become active and work their wickedness. In short, it is the foundation assumptions of the commercials I take exception to, the sort of things I'd like to see terminated. To borrow a line from Apocolypse Now, things I'd like to see terminated... with great prejudice.

Tonight I saw such a prime example I feel compelled to comment on it, it was truly an archetype of the form. I'm not going to present it exactly, but if you've ever seen their commercial I'm sure you'll recognize the one I'm talking about. The product offered was a dating service, lots of those, but this one targeted one specific demographic... those who call themselves Christian. Ok, I suppose that's fair enough. The Christians are a critter unto themselves, if anyone on planet Earth truly needs help, from Jesus or someone, they would be prime candidates to be first in line. And the reason they'd be towards the front of the line? Things like that commercial, where  there is this voice over in a silky smooth voice both paternal and seductive saying (and I'm paraphrasing now) "...find the love God intended for you..."  while the text on the screen reads

Think about that. What God intended for you, coming to you courtesy of something with a dot com designation. Right. Not dot org, organization, but dot com. Commercial.

In my book that is blasphemy. That needs to be terminated. Someone needs to wake up a wing of B-52 and stack on the ordinance till those BigUglyFuckers can only lift fifteen minutes worth of fuel breaking free of the runway, someone needs to make sure there's not one but two tankers for each BUF already airborne and waiting to suckle the BUF's as they're climbing out to altitude, fill their tanks airborne so they have lots of fuel to linger over their target and put the ordinance where it needs to be. Someone had better put an end to such blasphemy before the whole world dies whispering "…the horror... the horror… the…"

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Easily Amused...

Bored outa my gourd... this be number 54 in the series.