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The Tardation Matrix: Human(x,y,n)

Lot's Despair.
Is it worth trying to find
ten righteous men in this
degenerate day and age?
Author’s Note:
This post is a continuation of an ongoing series, it will make a lot more sense once you’ve read the ones which precede it in the series…
Concerning Tardation; The Tardation Matrix; The Tardation Matrix: Dimensions

Tardation: a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady emulating an addicted state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim.

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This post is a bit of a shakedown, a trial run. The structure of this study is far from finalized, but to improve from this point requires a bit of experience with the tool being built. So in my head I’m going to drop a thought into the machine and see what’s left of it when it comes out the other end. I’m really not expecting much, not yet.

Just for a working example consider Human(2,2,n)… in other words, or rather in English words, the test subject is a thought that resolves as involving Sustenance which also cross the concepts involved with an individual’s Self Acceptance.   Certainly a broad enough range for today’s purposes.

Sustenance is, of course, a much wider subject than simply food, of course it is. The subject includes all things that sustain  us across the mortal run. The physical is important, but of even greater importance to this study are the things that sustain heart and soul, the matters of the spirit and the will to put forth the effort to live free. When considering tardation it is easily seen matters of motive carry at the least equal if not greater weight than the relatively simple issues involved in the physical.

The importance of self acceptance to the functionality of an individual simply cannot be overstated. In any mechanism of manipulation, regardless if it is an effort of considered malice or some confluence of a defective social psychology’s subconscious,  in either case self acceptance will be a standing target, continuously under attack.

To accept to yourself the self you are is truly the deepest foundation of mental health, genuine mental health the antithesis of tardation. With that said it of course must follow the preceding statement has for an underlying assumption an individual actually knows what is self, and what is not… but more on that a bit later.

The deepest difficulty of this study is that the human being is in the deepest essence a social creature. This shouldn’t really be much of a surprise because in the wild the human is also a prey animal. Only a very few humans are able to mount a viable defense against any of the natural predators using only what nature gave them. Only an intelligent and proactive imagination expressed in what social arrangements enable allows the human race to survive, much less thrive.

Observation gives this fact is integrated into the cumulative human psyche to the point it is often enough assigned a form of mental illness when is not  a key and dominant factor in someone’s thought processes. This fact, which is in fact a critical spin point between all three of the first dimension parameters  is obviously, and heavily, exploited by the mechanisms of tardation.

It might be argued the need for social inclusion should be considered a primal. The problem with setting it a primal is that it bridges between the species, the society, and the individual. It is no more a primal need of one than it is the other. From the faith of a heretic I will assert to you it is always an error to treat with any single concept as if it were the same concept when viewed from the differing perspectives of the society and the individual. I have found the confusions generated from this error are often the headwaters of a great many miseries and evils ranging far beyond tardation!

Therefore I propose to let it play as a named free agent index in these deliberations. Social inclusion, an all but ubiquitous factor in the thoughts of the human. Let it become a unit to measure the motivation of a thing. If the SI index is integer one the total motivation for the act in focus was to maintain or enhance an individual’s acceptability or importance, their stature, face as the orientals would call it, within their society. On the other hand if the SI index is negative the conventions and opinions of the social structure associated were of some degree less than unimportant, a negative one indicates a motive, an emotion, that would translate as “may the thermonuclear camel they rode up on take obscene liberties with their colon.” Anyway, diseased and debauched camels set aside, moving onwards.

Reality presents some thought, the thought becomes a question: is this part of what is tearing up my world? Am I seeing what I’m looking at?  The essence of the question is  “In some manner might this be a driving force of tardation? If so how? From which primal need is it leveraged? Which of the three facets of personality is it’s prime point of access?” 

The first question resolves to a yes or a no, but the means of resolving the remaining questions are anything but binary. It is becoming ever more obvious the first real challenge to the effectiveness of this study is deciding what questions should be put into the machine, and by which of the nine possible paths?

The modern world is a complex and convoluted place, many things are evolving and not all of those things, for as strange as they might appear, are harmful or bad. Sorting out the good from the bad from the simply ugly is going to be a challenge.  I’m going to think about the problem for a bit and leave that for a closing thought before this post gets totally out of hand.

Catch you later.

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