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The Tardation Study: The Fruit Company

Twisting Fate...
what is about to begin happening,
one way or another.
Author’s Note:
This post is a continuation of an ongoing series:
Concerning Tardation; The Tardation Matrix; The Tardation Matrix: Dimensions; The Tardation Matrix: Human(x,y,n)

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Tardation: a manufactured and artificially installed psychological malady emulating an addicted state of life where irrational political beliefs are deliberately sublimated into a life as the working counterbalance for the equally deliberate creation of a dysfunctional individual psychology within the victim.
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So far these thoughts have been focused almost exclusively on the matrix of questions to be used. Why? Because questions must precede answers of course.  But now it’s time to think a bit on the remainder of the beast.

Questions beget answers, many of which will be partial answers, incorrect and incomplete answers. How these intermediates are handled while they’re evaluated, promoted or discarded makes quite a difference in how efficiently they can be processed.  I’m of a mind to think the work deck for these intermediates should echo the matrix from which they originated, a three dimensional array of the same dimensions as the first, five by five by n deep where each “n” is one set of intermediates.  That’s twenty five responses where by soft convention nine of them have a pre-defined emphasis, with fourteen wide open.

The chances any thought dropped through the machine is going to only generate one  possible answer are vanishing thin.  The world is simply more complex than that. The flow of the intermediates generated is a data source in and of itself, the more and more diverse a group of people contributing to the study the more accurate they become.

There needs to be a protocol in the answer matrix for tracking the exact progression of thought, all the lines of reasoning originating from some initial input.  Since the answer matrix is going to be strings, text,  I’m thinking a dedicated header section would be appropriate, some convention to indicate flow and direction.

So let each entry in the answer matrix begin with a header enclosed in the [square brackets] where the convention is [ date:time stamp; contributor code;  #(x,y,n) to indicate the entry point (beginning of thread) and |(x,y,n) to indicate the immediate predecessor or referring point. If one answer leads to another question, as so often they will, then an in text citation in similar format pointing to where the new question enters. A bit of fideltity to convention and it becomes possible for fairly simple macro code to reconstruct a line of thought.

That should make a decent system to begin from.  An idea goes in the top, bounces around rote question to rote question, the results are stored in a matching structure where they can be retrieved.  Ok, enough to start from as soon as the final major component is built.

The final, and in a very real sense the most critical, component is some sort of risk assessment… a key, a rosetta stone to translate what comes out of the machine into as realistic an estimation of consequences as possible.  This is where the rubber meets the road, where the academic elements of contemplation cross it up with the deeds of reality. The entire point of a study like this is to determine, if possible, which threat vectors need addressing first, and how to address them.

I want you to do me a favor now. I want you to recall to mind that magnificent man Forest Gump. Yes, one and the same that Tom Hanks did such a masterful job of portraying in the movie. ( You haven’t seen Forest Gump? Find a copy and watch it, please, because the character is going to show up fairly often from here on out. He’s as genuine and gentle a creature of God as I can imagine, he’s fictional and well known… Forest and company are going to be my “every man” example.) Got him back? Ok.

Do you recall how Lieutenant Dan finally said thank you to Forest for saving his life by putting part of Forest’s money he made shrimpin’ like Bubba told him about into some kind of fruit company? Made him so much money he didn’t have to go out shrimpin’ no more and he could cut that grass for free while raising little Forest? Yes *wink* that company.  Where they might not be as guilty as some they’re most definitely players in our reality who work in these realms. So “the fruit company” is going to serve as my example of those social institutions and endeavors whose competitions for survival become such massive power players on the human stage.

The focus of the moment is trying to create some realistic risk assessment tool to address whatever might be discerned concerning the unnatural anger and polarization of modern society that I’ve been calling “tardation.” So… deep breath at the stand up to it writing desk, run the check list: fresh pot of coffee, new pack of smokes, the big stereo talking to two hundred albums worth of good music on full random play… yea. As ready as I can get.

The function of the tool proposed sets the consequences of a thought run through the machine. Some of these thoughts will be from imagination, but the majority of them will have a bit of history to them, they’ll have been sparked by some observation of reality.  Working from the dangerous assumption (because I really have no other choice) that what history can show us falls between the ones on the good old bell curve (the middle of the hump where over half of things end up) the next step is to define the extremes.

The best case scenario is humanity heals, becomes a collection of unique cultures respectfully tolerant and understanding of the other, the competitions are in works of wholesome imagination constructed into a reality where humanity lives in sustainable balance with the planet that supports it. In other words, the things that leave Gaia to smile at the fact that Jesus is finally, finally free of the pain he accepted to save the race. There’s little to worry about on that end. It’s the other end of that curve where things get scary.

What is the absolute worst case scenario imaginable? (lol… and the stereo quite unbidden serves up Pink Floyd’s “Money”… is random play really so very random?) The other end is thermonuclear Armageddon of course, a dead world a full million years of healing away from supporting any life at all on the surface of the globe. That’s the worst potential, from the macroscopic perspective. Of course there are several scenarios not quite so bad, not quite, that would generate an immensely larger degree of human suffering, but go figure. The dead do not suffer, at least not in any mortal sense of the word. For our purposes those “not quite so bad” nightmares made reality become the worst case scenarios we might experience. In a truly worst case scenario we’ll die very quickly, or if luck isn’t with us we’ll suffer for a couple of years and then be dead too. In that case it really won’t matter anymore.

All other possibilities close on the center from these extremes. It might be a good thing to know just where we as a species, a society of societies, really are on that scale. Knowing where we are now, and knowing (kinda sorta) where we were back then, some compilation of points from history, and it becomes possible to perceive some unit to fit a standard distribution of the well being of humanity. Now, with that said it becomes quite a question from the ethical standpoint where to declare the median and mean, but that’s a debate for a different day.

I say might be because if we actually knew for sure it might be so damn scary as to cause a panic, truth be told. But that’s where this ramble has come to, and that’s where it’s gonna get parked for tonight.

Enjoy life while you can and like the truckers used to say “we’ll catch you on the flip flop.”

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