Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Picture has Nothing to do with it...

No, the picture doesn't have anything to do with what I have to offer today, not really.  It's just a "diner doodle" that took thirty minutes for the pencil drawing, and a couple of hours wasted in Photopaint to attempt to refine the portrait a bit closer to what came to mind from the song, the way she's described in the first verse.  Close, almost, but still not quite,  I'll try again.   I've returned to the pencil drawing, it's better. She had to be quite a woman to be remembered so many centuries later.  Anyhow, the song is a favorite thought I'd share, and the picture just because it gets close, and what I really want to say isn't going to take that long to say.  Takes a lot less time to say it than the amount of time needed to think about it, that's for sure.

Have you ever noticed how the academic world, the smart folks, are always facing the same way in their thoughts?  How they always assume whatever it might be they're presenting to the world is something smaller, simpler, less complicated than they, and presumably their students, are?  How they always take the stance that humanity is the peak achievement of evolution's effort?  The fools.  When they're always looking at things older and lower on evolution's list of accomplishments how would they ever know any different?  No wonder they turn pale, stammer and change the subject when I try and bring up the idea of the collective entities evolving into life right under their noses.  If you're always looking down your nose at your world of course you won't have anything to say about the creatures and creations who just might be looking down on you.


  1. If one believes in God/Higher Power/a Universe-Creator at all, one shouldn't be surprised to learn that other beings exist who are smarter/more evolved/more "spiritual" or "enlightened" than we are. Isn't God by definition all of these things? Infinitely more so than we? Then how can we be so arrogant as to suppose that we are the highest order of creation?

    Yet I've found that many of the truly great people, the real seekers on human knowledge's cutting edge, do not have this arrogance. They know, better than the rest of us, how little they really know, yet any new knowledge is a joy, a "Wow!" to them. Like many of us, they get angry with others who think they know all they need to know (yet are often inwardly fearful of other knowledge or views), and fearful of what such people might do--but these great ones are willing to consider that there might be knowledge out of our reach, at least for the moment. Yet I know of no one to whom there isn't some viewpoint that they just can't accept, myself included...

    1. I've noticed the veiwpoints most solidly rejected are the ones which most solidly contradict the things used for self definition... a survival mechanism of the collective entities, who barter the structures of self definition in exchange for loyalty.